AMU establishes ‘Deliver-ology Unit’ to ensure ‘quality’

With Ethiopia embarking on deliver-ology bandwagon, all universities have also been mandated to ensure commission and execution of identified activities culminating in achieving set goals. It aims at translating intended task of an individual or organization into tangibly measurable results thus serving the target audience in a highly professional and appropriate manner. 

In order to strengthen this endeavor, AMU has established a separate Deliver-ology Unit in August 2017, informed, its Dean, Dr Getaneh Tesfaye and adds that it might be a new concept for Ethiopia, but globally it’s in use, which is believed to be originated in United Kingdom.

On rationale, he continued saying, it’s a typical practice in which institution, organization and countries are supposed to identify priority areas by applying maximum focus to render efficient and effective services to their respective clientele.

Further he said, herein higher education institution is supposed to ensure quality education so that 80% of its competent graduates get degree-related jobs within the year after graduation.

On modus operandi to bring change, he said, at Ministry level, seven key tasks have been identified are, ‘Improving teachers’ performance & motivation,’ ‘Improving students’ learning in classroom,’ ‘Improving teachers’ pedagogical & language competency,’ ‘Improvement of students’ language skill,’ ‘Improving linkage with industry & support to students,’ ‘Improving students’ skill through value-adding internship experience,’ and ‘Improving use of data in planning’.

Further he elaborates, each goal has its own way of implementation; in this aspect initially we will measure the level of teachers’ competence that need clear assessment technique. And competency level will be ascertained by four entities i.e. teachers will be evaluated by students, colleagues, department heads and external assessors as well.

On bias-free assessment technique, he said, the check-list will be absolutely transparent that is being developed by reresentatives of students and monitoring will ensure its devoid of biases.

To improve students’ learning in classroom, teachers’ instructional abilities will be assessed in respective classroom and continuous assessment will be strengthened to evaluate students; it will evaluate cognitive, psycho-motor and affective domain to change the scenario.

To improve pedagogical and language skill, Centres like English Language Improvement Centre and Pedagogical School will be strengthened by collaborating with British Council.

On new venture, he revealed that this year, ‘Tracer Studies’ will be launched to know the professional status of our graduates using available data.

Deliver-ology Unit has a focal person and a data-handling analyst with the main task of facilitating agent to execute intended and identified tasks; in future, it’s accountable to the University President.

Presently, this office is developing assessment tools, check-list for each strategic action and various plans. He emphasized that this unique endeavor demands everyone’s participation because it’s a collaborative task and everyone irrespective of positions must pay attention, he sums up.


(Corporate Communication Directorate)