AMU signs MoU with Leather Industry Development Institute

Giving a major thrust to its collaborative efforts, Arba Minch University has entered into a five-year agreement with Ethiopia’s premier leather industry - Leather Industry Development Institute at latter’s Akaki Sub-City, Kaliti-based headquarter, Addis Ababa, on 12th February, 2018. Click here to see the pictures.

AMU’s University-Industry Linkage Directorate Director, Dr Tolera Seda, and LIDI’s Deputy Director General, Mr Mohammed Hussein Seid, have signed Memorandum of Understanding in the presence of officials from both institutions.

AMU’s Vice President for Research and Community Service, Dr Simon Shibru, while taking a look at LIDI’s robust infrastructure on the sideline of this MoU, felt that this tie-up will pave the way for a new era, wherein AMU’s capacity gets built as LIDI opens up vistas of opportunities in leather industry in South Nations, Nationalities and People’s Region’s untapped environment.

This agreement enjoins both parties to conduct joint research, transfer technology, create future innovators, build consortium around ‘industry-academia alliance model’ by expanding network to include other exceptional organizations in Ethiopia and abroad.

Both will jointly work on human resource development, build capacity, promote research, launch joint, industry-demanded, problem-solving research and developmental programs; staff exchange, motivational speeches, lectures & seminars are also on the cards.

Dr Tolera hailing the pact, said, it’s an opportune occasion, as we have begun a remarkable beginning so that new technologies will be transferred to the community, wherein LIDI will play the role of a catalytic agent.

Mr Mohammed affirmed that LIDI’s aim is to develop leather sector to be competitive in the world. We run BSc program for Federal Technical, Vocational and Educational Training Institute, Addis Ababa Institute of Technology, Adama Science and Technology University, Bahir Dar, Wollo University students, with AMU as a new entrant. Thus produces manpower and focuses on practical aspect that amounts to 70% and 30% theory and grants joint degree.

He adds our accredited laboratories vouchsafe for genuineness of the product. This tie will facilitate delivery of expected deliverables in terms of five pillars i.e. human skill development, research, consultancy, technology transfer and internship in a coordinated manner. LIDI will support, facilitate, fill gaps, build staff capacity and the moment AMU is empowered, we will make the exit so that they can be independent, he maintained.

As per the pact, AMU shall cooperate in resolving internship issues. It will design curricula, establish demand-based programs in the field of leather, facilitate basic, advanced trainings and build capacity of LIDI staff via educational programs whenever possible.

It will create access to facilities, arrange participation of LIDI experts in teaching-learning activities, transfer new knowledge and emerging technology, exchange academic info, publications and best practices without infringing copyright and intellectual property right, assist in market-investment promotion, participate in joint planning, review, monitor and evaluate work.

While LIDI leading university-industry linkage forum, will conduct assessment for AMU’s educational programs, transfer new technologies, evolve greater opportunities for experts, facilities and equipment, identify major problem areas of the leather industries, conduct research and development activities jointly and create consultancy work. It will also facilitate internship program, on-job training, practical attachment for AMU students annually, make available laboratories for joint research programs, participate in joint planning, review, monitor and evaluate work, etc.

The pact doesn’t imply financial liabilities on either of partners except for those incurring for chemicals used for students’ training. Other costs will be covered following mutual negotiations and both parties will solicit funding to undertake common endeavors.

LIDI’s Technology Transfer & Training Directorate Director, Mr Dennebo Mekuria, said, this pact has come into force today itself. Initially LIDI will impart technical training to AMU staff for two months and then both parties will develop joint BSc curriculum, he averred.


(Corporate Communication Directorate)