Background information

Social means people and science is a systematic study of any subject be it chemistry, physics or mathematics or any other subject.  In science, we have systematization, rationality and predictability applied universally and it is opposed to common sense.  Scientific truths or universal truths and its found true everywhere and scientific ideals are for everyone to cherish.  Social science involves  scientific study of economics, anthropology, sociology and other realms of human knowledge and study of society. The college of social science facilitates study of social science subjects in an academic setting  applied to various fields of economics, and other related subjects as history, languages and literature, geography and environmental studies. It is just that not only students are taught on theory but also practical applicability and its relevance in real life setting applied to Africa in general and Ethiopia in particular.

Ethiopian students would gain theory and practical knowledge in college of social science courses from expatriates and locals so that they can work in Ethiopia and elsewhere in business, education and industry or arts effectively. Academia in Arba Minch University is not just ideal but one that one can cherish effectively.  Social science learning at AMU can be fun and interesting, easy and one that one can use it life long in work and in real life effectively.   A good degree from a leading university in social science is one that one will get if one chooses to study social science at Arba Minch University.

Opportunities are getting rarer and rarer in today’s competitive world and one with a degree is preferred rather one without a degree.  And, in this context, it becomes noteworthy to acquire a  degree in social science from Arba Minch university to face real life society and real life challenges effectively in a competition filled world of tomorrow. Social science degrees are much sought after in developing and developed countries, and one can go for higher studies or further education in a field one has chosen.

Education is easier if one wants it to be or to have it that way and the learning goes on smoothly at AMU as for as social sciences are concerned. Set up in natural homely situation, AMU’s Chamo campus invokes nostalgic feeling to anyone.  Social science learning goes with natural settings and serene surroundings of Arba Minch and the formal and informal methods of learning are given importance. Life and academic work goes on smoothly here and when one puts in his time and do all academic and professional work regularly and routinely, one  gets off with a  degree into real world. It becomes easier to face challenges of today’s competitive world effectively in a fast paced environment whether in Ethiopia or elsewhere with a degree.