Training on Pre-analytical Practices Related Venous Blood sample collection is being held at AMU

A two day training for laboratory technicians and public health practitioners is being held at AMU on Venous Blood sample collection, handling and processing.  This was organized by AMU Department  of Laboratory Science and it will be a program for various hospitalsas Arba Minch Hospital, Sawula Hospital and Chencha Hospital  located in Arba Minch and near by areas.   This comes out as a result of research that was conducted at the health institute  covering various aspects as pre-analytical phase as well as preparation during venous blood sample collection and other s. A number of participants from various hospitals are takingpart in this training program and Mr. MesfinMamo outlined significance of this training in his welcome speech. He had said that the training will lead to quality performance  and it is organized on the basis of findings of research conducted.  He had observed that the university is one of the participant of community engagement for Arba Minch and this is demonstrated by way of organizing this training for participants of various hospitals in this area.
The opening speech was given by Mr. BehailuMerdekios  who has said that there is a need for correct analysis of venous blood sample collection, handling and processing and  the need for quality and standard practices.  He said that the laboratory technique is very sensitive and fallacies would come out if we don’t maintain quality and  had also continued by saying that this is purely interventional and support giving training. ” What we see here is true in other parts of the world in venous blood sample collection and analysis”, he added.  The co-ordinators being Mr. Mulu-getaMelike,  Mr. Abel Girma and Mr. TsegayeTsalla all lecturers from the College of Health Science, AMU.
Various topics as Pre analytical phase and errors in medical laboratories, significance of blood samples, standard patient identification and preparation, standard  practice of blood sample collection, transporation and handling, processing, and  writing Standard operating Procedures  (SOP)for  venous blood samples, etc. would be discussed and information pertaining these would be told to participants.
In first session on Pre analytical phase and errors in medical laboratories, it was said about errors in laboratory testing system, classification of errors, definition and impact of pre analytical errors in health care system and how to reduce errors and variables of venous blood samples etc.
In the second session, it was discussed about venous blood sample collection, anatomical sites, products generated from venous blood samples, factors affecting sample constituents, significance of following standard procedures and advantages as well as disadvantages of venous blood samples etc.
Surely, this training would be a boon and a learning excise where these technicians would benefit theoretically and practically in going over systematic method of venous blood sample collection and analysis
By S. Ganesh