Research & Development Committee vets research proposals

The Research Directorate Office of Arba Minch University has conducted two-day research proposal screening program by its Research and Development Committee (RDC) at Lecture Theatre, Main Campus from 23rd to 24th December, 2013.

‘‘This proposal presentation process was the part of AMU’s annual research endeavor, which is carried out twice a year. All the proposals are primarily based on 14 identified thematic areas> The proposals are generally evaluated at the college and department levels and finally vetted by RDC. But this time, all the proposals were scrutinized at the college level only,’’ said the Director of Research Directorate Office, Dr Fantahun.

‘‘Out of this proposals which are demand-driven and tailor-made to address the problems would be selected and funded by AMU to carry out their respective objectives, thus benefitting the intended audience,’’ Dr Fantahun added.

The presentation process interspersed with question-answer sessions was an interactive exercise to identify whether the respective proposals were in line with AMU strategy to cater to the needs of the community and have had quintessential research components.

Likewise all the proposals have underwent final scrutiny and the most plausible would be selected and phased in having the duration ranging from six months to one year. The intended research would be carried out by AMU faculty members.

Of total 33 research proposals presented, Agriculture College had 4, which was presented by Gezahegn G, Sabura S, Wakshum S and Hagos A. While five proposals from College of Medicine and Health Science presented by Dr Amsalu A, Wanzahun G, Tayu T, Befekadu T, Zerihun Z, Desta H and Mulu WG.

Institute of Technology’s presenters Zerihun L and Berhan O presented two out of seven research proposals; five would be presented later. College of Natural Sciences had eight proposals by Gezehagn M, Dr Dawit M, Anteneh M, Abdurohman M, Leulalem A, Wegene G, Dr Fantahun W and Dr Jayaram.

Esayas Alemu & Derara Ketema presented two proposals from College of Business and Economics, while three were from College of Social Sciences and Humanities by Asrat E, Mulualem E and Awulachew D. Four proposals were presented by Seyoum G, Dr Dikaso U, Dr Minale G and Lijalem H, from Bio-diversity Research Unit.

By Philips Joseph