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Agricultural education is dynamic and addresses issues relevant to social, economical and technological development of the country. The quality and quantum of agricultural inputs, their management techniques, and also quality of farm produce and methods of value additions would keep on changing with advancement of industrialization in general and economic up lifting of farmers/processors in particular.  It is in this context that the agricultural education is to be analyzed and course curriculum modified to serve the agriculture and the aggro-based industries. Plant Science department established under the College of Agricultural Sciences and started with 52 students in its first establishment year, 2007.
With the advancement of technology related to agricultural inputs like seeds, fertilizer, water and pesticides, coupled with the equipment and energy sources for their application, it has become essential to optimize these to increase farm production and converse natural resources. The agricultural graduate today are required to provide technology for increasing  crop production and for reducing post-harvest losses and value additions through  processing of produce. Increasing export opportunities in agriculture and associated industries sector, besides diversification has put additional demands on agricultural education to meet the growing requirement of food, feed and fiber through efficient management of the costly inputs.          
Education is a dynamic process as it should be relevant to changing needs of the society and the country at large. It plays a key role in human resource development and therefore, should be relevant to changing needs of the society. With the national policies becoming more open and liberalized, the education in recent day’s needs re-orientation more than any time in the past. A curriculum is the first and very important component of education. It is the basic requirement to be gone through and understood well by a student to gain knowledge and develop skill to perform a specific function. Therefore, to keep the education relevant, the curricula should be periodically reviewed and modified to suit the ever-changing requirement of the society.


Department of Plant Science aspires to be one of the leading Departments of agricultural institutions and a center of excellence in the area of low land crops/sorghum and groundnut in southern Ethiopia by 2020.


Department of Plant Science of Arba Minch University has a mission of offering relevant and quality education and training; conducting demand driven research and rendering accessible community services.

Academic Program

  • MSc in Agronomy and also launching one additional post-graduate program in Sugarcane Agronomy in 2013/14 academic year.
  • BSc in Plant Sciences:
  1. Regular
  2. Summer


  • The department has been working with Southern Nations, Nationalities and People Regional State to train summer in service students.
  • Sugar Corporation of Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia has been collaborating with our department in research and training of post graduate students in the area of sugarcane production.

Projects available

  • Different completed and ongoing researches/projects such as Distribution and Socio-economic Impacts of Prosopis juliflora in Gamo Gofa, Segen Area People and South Omo Zones, - Completing by Berhanu Lemma
  • Evaluation of fungicide effectiveness and varietal resistance to control (manage) powdery mildew on pepper in south-east Ethiopia,- Completed research by Getachew Birhanu
  • Characterization and associations among yield and yield related traits in sunflower (Helianthus annus L) and safflower (Carthamus tinctorius L.)  genotypes, - Completing by Zenebe Mekonnen and
  • Potential of arid agro forestry practices for water scarcity and salinity areas in chamo sub-basin, southern Ethiopia: The Current Situations and Future Strategies, - Completing by Tuma Ayele
  • Many research projects are going on the plant protection, fertilizer use, adaptation/intercropping trail of haricot bean and maize varieties.

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