College of Agricultural Sciences of the Arba Minch University at Kulfo Campus established in 2007 G.C has had an impressive pool of undergraduate (BSc), Master (MSc) and PhD study programs. Currently it runs 12 BSc, 15 Masters and 2 PhD programs. All the programs are vastly demanded in the national job markets where graduates are basically win career jobs. The design of the PhD curriculum in Soil and Water Management as well as a PhD in Horticulture has been completed and will admit students as of 2020 while the holistic preparations in the PhD curriculum in Agronomy are also underway. The two new philosophic doctoral degree study programs, namely, a PhD in Animal Production and PhD in Animal nutrition. The principal pillars of agricultural sciences are enduring sustainable learning, demand-driven curricula, student-centered experimental learning, community services, appropriate technology transfer, and agricultural leadership development.

The College is hosting the new state-of the-art research center, i.e. Centre for Livestock and Fishery Research. It is being first of its kind in a university set-up in Ethiopia, AMU will be a pioneer in this arena. The center is headquartered at Kulfo campus, Arba Minch with satellite research stations at Mirab Abaya, Chencha, Bonke, Kucha, Sawula, Konso and South Omo zone. It’s prime aimed at contributing for the holistic development of region and country by generating, developing and adapting improved livestock production technologies in the area of feeds, nutrition, dairy, meat, poultry, fisheries, aquatic sciences, disease diagnostic, environmental concerns, livestock economics, gender, extension services through integration of innovative, demand-driven and problem-solving research, training, extension and a consultancy services to the local, national and international communities. The Centre will be entrusted with the mandate to generate and catalyze livestock knowledge, innovative technologies dissemination and services for sustainable livelihoods. It is also nurturing Gircha Highland Fruits and Vegetable Research Centre based at Gircha in Chencha District of the Gamo Gofa zone. The Biodiversity Research Centre is also partly affiliated to it.

The College will acquire well-furnished teaching and research laboratories to properly function from basic to the molecular level.

The College is committed to train high caliber national and international professionals in the areas of agriculture, veterinary sciences, environmental sciences, and food science and post-harvest technology, undertaking demand-driven, novelty and problem-solving research, technology transfer and offering community services.

1.    Train high caliber professionals, both at undergraduate, masters and doctoral levels
2.    To partner with training, research, industry and extension/service institutions both locally and globally
3.    Advance agricultural development through training, knowledge generation and service delivery in the world

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