Research works published in different international journals:-

  1. Survey on Apple Production and Variety Identification in Chencha, Gamo-Gofa Zone
  2. Assessment on Major Diseases and Insect Pests of Apple in Chencha and Bonke districts of Gamo Gofa Zone.
  3. Epizootological study of small ruminant gastrointestinal strongyles in Gamo-Gofa Zone, Southern Ethiopia.
  4. Evaluation of Fungicide Effectiveness and Varietal Resistant to Control Powdery Mildew on Pepper.
  5. Characterization and Association of Yield and Yield Components Traits in Sunflower and Safflower Genotypes.
  6. Evaluating the status of Micronutrients in Abaya-Chamo Basin, Southern Ethiopia.
  7. Analysis of Local Institutions’ Capacity to Implement Development Plan and Programs in Gamo Gofa Zone, Southern Ethiopia.
  8. Empirical Study on Apple Production, Marketing and its Contribution to Household in Come in Chencha District of Southern Ethiopia.