Department of Rural Development and Agricultural Extension (RDAE) has been the first ever program and department that came into being with the establishment of College of Agricultural Sciences in 2007-8. It’s the first undergraduate (BSc) program with strategic plan and visión of opening various demand-driven and relevant programs for social and national development. The department being potentially important has a plan to get transformed into full-fledged school in near future.

Academic Programs:

Under-graduates (BSc)

• Rural Development and Agricultural Extension

• Agribusiness and Value Chain Management

• Agricultural Economics


Master (MSc)

• Rural Development and Agricultural Communication and Innovation


Staff Profile

The Department has 15 Male and 6 Female staff members

3 Assistant Professors

10 Lecturers

8 Graduate Assistant (6 are on study leave)


Students’ statistics

It’s hosting 447 UG and 23 Master students, wherein female students account for 42%.


Department of Rural Development and Agricultural Extension aspire to be among the leading Schools of Rural and Agricultural Business & Economics Studies in Ethiopia by 2025.


Department of Rural Development and Agricultural Extension has a mission to offer relevant and quality education, training; conducting demand-driven research and rendering accessible community services, agricultural extension, agribusiness, value chain management and agricultural economics.


 Quality first: We make quality our priority in every aspect of activities and pledges to achieve the highest standard in all undertakings.

 Care for the community: Being from and for the community, we will strive to change and resolve its problems.

 Committed no matter what: We will work hard despite challenges

 Equity: We treat everyone as equal irrespective of colour, religion, gender, disability or ethnic background in all services and resource allocation. It encourages fair access to resources and services for all groups and give due focus to those at the receiving end.

 Creativity Culture: It makes innovation, adoption, adaptation and transfer of technology as its ultimate mandate.

 Democratic thinking: It values freedom of expression, rule of law, transparency and accountability in every aspect of its endeavours and promotes culture of participatory decision-making.

 Valuing each other: We value, respect and appreciate each other’s ideas and contributions to the growth and transformation of the Department.



• Design, ratify and implement UG and Master programs and short-term trainings in accordance with the needs of country

• Publish and disseminate research works  as well  as host discussion forums to deliberate upon the result

• Establish and run academic journals and newsletter

• Upgrade qualifications and enhance staff’s professional competency

• Contribute specially to the institutional capacity building of Govt. NGOs and private institutions, including upgrading the qualifications of academic staff

• Provide consultancy services to government, industries and communities


Contact Us:

Mr. Tesfaye Samuel

Head of Department,

Rural Development & Agricultural Extension,

College of Agricultural Sciences

Arba Minch University

Arba Minch, Ethiopia

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Mobile phone: +251 911 882 557