Departments and Undergraduate Programs

Department of Animal Sciences

1. BSc in Animal Sciences [in regular & Summer]

2. BSc in Animal Health [in regular & Summer]

3. BSc in Fisheries, Wetland, and Wildlife Management

Department of Plant Sciences
1. Bachelor (BSc) in Plant Sciences [in regular & Summer]
Department of Natural Resources Management
1. BSc in Natural Resources Management [in regular & Summer]
Department of Rural Development and Agricultural Extension
1. BSc in Agricultural Economics
2. BSc in Agribusiness and Value Chain management
3. BSc in Agricultural Extension (Midcareer)
4. BSc in Rural Development & Agricultural Extension
Department of Horticulture

1. BSc in Horticulture

2. BSc in Food Science and Technology.

Department of Forestry

1. BSc in Forestry 

Masters (MSc) Programs

1. Agroforestry

2. Agronomy

3. Animal Nutrition

4. Animal Production

5.  Animal Genetics and Breeding

6. Horticulture

7. Postharvest Management

8. Rural Development and Agricultural Extension

9. Soil Science

10. Sugarcane Production Technology

11. Watershed management

12. Plant Breeding

13. MSc in Dairy Science & Technology

14. MSc in Irrigation Agronomy

15. MVSc in Veterinary Epidemiology


PhD Program

1. Animal Nutrition and Feed Processing

2. PhD in Soil & Water Management

3. PhD in Horticulture

4. PhD in Animal Production