Dr. Tizazu Gebre Alemayehu, Assistant Professor of Plant Biology and Biodiversity Management, 
The Research Coordinator of CNCS -
Coordinator of Research Office, College of Natural & Computational Sciences, 
PI for  Yams and Yam Bio-cultural Knowledge, 
PI for Traditional Medicinal Plants Research Projects, 
Arba Minch University, Ethiopia, 
Mobile Phone +251911819234

Main Activities of RCO CNCS

The college coordination office initiates and leads research processes by the college academic staff members. Produces calls for research proposals, which shall be submitted to the Department Research and Development Committee (DRDC) for review and endorsement. Proposals reviewed and endorsed by the DRDC shall be approved by the College Research and Development Committee (CRDC), chaired by the college coordinator. Then the research proposals approved by the CRDC are sent to the center Executive Research Directorate Director’s Office. Finally, the proposals are presented to the center Research and Development Committee (RDC) by the Executive Research Directorate Director’s Office for final approval. The college coordinator office follows all procedures from initiation, registration, etc. until a signed agreement letter is provided to each researcher. Then research activities, financial facilities, etc are inspected and practiced under the coordinator’s inspection.