Endalkachew Hailu Guluma (PhD)
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Main activities of the coordination office

  1. Identify,    encourage,    and    co-ordinate    the    initiations    and undertakings    of inter-departmental research projects in College of Social Science and Humanities (CSSH),
  2. Create enabling environment to initiate and execute research projects in CSSH,
  3. Devise mechanisms to enhance the research capacity of CSSH, staff,
  4. Organize forums for research output dissemination and idea generation in CSSH,
  5. Create synergy among research, teaching-learning, and community services in CSSH,
  6. Liaison the CSSH and departments with the centers and other research coordination offices in AMU,
  7. Prepare annual research plans and quarterly and annual reports,
  8. Regularly monitor the progress of ongoing research projects in CSSH,
  9. Verify journal reputability for articles published by the staff investigators in CSSH with the colleges' Research and Development Committee (RDC) which the coordinator chairs,
  10. Recognize and certify CSSH staff authors for their articles that are found reputable by CSSH RDC,
  11. Facilitate certificates for the CSSH staff’s professional contributions,
  12. Provide CSSH departments with evidence on the staff’s involvement in research activities,  
  13. Facilitate validation workshops of completed CSSH research at research sites  
  14. Collect reports of ongoing CSSH research projects and organize progress report seminar
  15. Document and link completed CSSH research reports with concerned offices  
  16. Perform any other duties required by the Executive Research Director of AMU.