Arba Minch University, Arba Minch Town Municipality and Sweden-based Sustainable Sweden Association have inked a Memorandum of Understanding to transform Arba Minch town into ecofriendly city. Arba Minch is the only town in Southern Nation, Nationalities and People’s Region, selected for this pilot-project. 

The agreement was signed between Sustainable Sweden Association representative, Mr Adane Negash and former mayor of Arba Minch Town Municipality in 2016, but, the conceptual framework had come into being in August 2015 itself.

The project will focus on four thematic-areas i.e. waste management, greening, eco-tourism improvement and capacity building. It will be led by a board comprised of three members from AMU and six from Arba Minch Town Municipality, Mr Endrias Elto Kucha informed.

It’s learnt that three-year budget of $ 1.2 Million for the project has been approved, wherein Sustainable Sweden Association and Arba Minch Town Municipality will contribute 70% & 30% respectively. All activities will be governed by latter under the Technical Team Chairperson, Mr Alemayehu Abera.

AMU’s key member, Dr Kinfe Kassa, said, the project will benefit the town in the disposal of solid/liquid waste, recycling and management; greening and promoting eco-tourism as well. Once, it’s successful then it may be replicated in other towns SNNPR. For waste management, a plant to be set up by African Development Bank project will be utilized.

AMU will build capacity by training individuals in waste management as how to operate and maintain composting, research on issues like water supply and environmental engineering, architecture and eco-tourism will be carried out.

‘‘I am pretty excited for, it’s an excellent opportunity to serve community, which is one of the strong pillars of our university. In the meantime, research students and staff will get involved into it as Ministry of Urban Development is also in the know of it,’’ Dr Knife quipped.

In relation to this, a nine-member delegation from Arba Minch town will travel to Sweden for a weeklong capacity building training beginning in May 2017; the members are as follow.

Dr Kinfe Kassa, Mr Behailu Merdekios and Mr Gizaw Fikre from AMU; while six from Arba Minch Town Municipality are, Gamo Gofa Zone President, Mr Esayas Endrias, Arba Minch Town Municipality Mayor, Mr Ezo Emako, Mr Alemayehu Abera, Mr Mesay Getachew, Mr Endrias Elto and Mr Tsion Terefe.

(Corporate Communication Directorate)