Eyassu Dilla Diratie (PhD)

                                                        Executive ICT Directorate Director


The Information and Communication Technology Center (ICTC) team provides the primary management and support for computing and technology services within the University. ICTC manages the wired and wireless network infrastructure, campus computer classrooms and facilities, and maintains University owned computer equipment and peripherals.

Community Service Directorate, one of the Directorates under the Vice President for Research and Community Services, is engaged to coordinate and supervise the provision of quality training, consultancy services, and demand-driven development work projects.

Arba Minch University under its office of the UIL-TT Directorate is planning to convert the various research outcomes to products, services or processes which benefit the community at large.

Communication Affairs Directorate, one of the directorates of Arba Minch University, is engaged in establishing, managing and orchestrating meaningful channel of communication for internal and external audiences to create, promote and position AMU in right place.

Vision: AMU aspires to be one of the leading research universities in Ethiopia by 2030, for which, it will vigorously involve in generation and incubation, transfer of appropriate technologies and knowledge and partnering with stakeholders on problem-solving research that will stimulate economic growth of the nation.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Develop, implement proper mechanisms and instruments for the recruitment, admission, placement and orientation of new UG and PG students
  • Process registration and course enrolment; schedule academic calendar

The office is accountable to Vice President for Administration

The Student Services Department is responsible for providing instruction, assistance, and outreach to undergraduate and in some sponsored PG program students with the goal of promoting student success and life-long learning.

The Arba Minch University library as an academic and information center, ever since it was established in 1986 have shown a continuous progress and change along with the parent institution.










                            Ephrem Getahun Gure (Ph.D)

 AMU Institutional Quality Assurance Directorate Office has a task of quality assurance of the entire processes, services and products of the university. Oversees and directs the overall operations of quality assurance within the university to ensure continuous improvement and compliance. Promote the adoption, application and conformity to quality standards in education, research and community service.