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During your studies, you have made friends for life. A bond worth cherishing you have also formed a bond with your former teachers, and fellow students. Through the alumni network, you will be able to stay in touch with them. But the alumni network of Arba Minch University has more to offer you. It also opens your network to other former Arba Minch University students. A network spread out across the globe and consists of a rich variety of knowledge and expertise. Take advantage of this network and stay connected to other alumni and the university. How?

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As a Arba Minch University graduate, you can benefit from:

Student Career Center, Job Openings, Career Advisers and Training up to 1 year after graduation

The opportunity for lifelong learning(with discount!)

Support in setting up your own company

Using sport center facilities(with discount!)

Privileges and 2% discount for registrar services

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Our alumni are our best ambassadors. Who knows better what it is like to study at Arba Minch University than our graduates. You can help future and current students with your experience. Interested in staying involved or giving back? Discover the opportunities.

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Would you like to stay informed of what is happening at Arba Minch University? You can, through various channels! We post updates and interesting things about campus life on our Arba Minch University Alumni Facebook Page, LinkedIn, YouTube and Twitter so be sure to join our community. More detailed information about events are brought to you through the digital alumni newsletters. If you do not receive the newsletter, please make sure we have your personal email address. All events organized for alumni will be posted on our events page on this website.


As a graduate of Arba Minch University you will receive a newsletter. In these newsletters we will announce events and we will keep you informed about the developments of other alumni and the university.

Alumni magazine

Arba Minch University’s alumni magazinekeeps you updated on what’s new in the fields of education and research at Arba Minch University.


We will announce events and keep you informed about the developments of the alumni and the university.

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Your Alumni network
When you graduate you automatically become a member of Arba Minch University alumni network. This community consists of an extensive collection of knowledge and expertise. You can use this in your advantage by keeping in touch with other alumni.
Alumni and Tracer Studies Office organizes several alumni events. But also, the alumni associations arrange various meetings. Besides that, the alumni officers provide several updates, so you stay informed of all the latest developments. Check the alumni website or sign up for our social media channels (which you can also use to share information). And make sure we have the right contact details, so we can send you invitations of upcoming events.
Chapters and associations
International Chapters
By developing alumni networks around the world, Arba Minch University facilitates professional and social networking opportunities for alumni to support their business or career advancement.
Arba Minch University Alumni Chapters focus on:
Offering an environment that can serve as a ground to share knowledge, career advancement and business partnerships for alumni and future alumni.
Connecting and strengthening relations with Arba Minch University.
Assisting Arba Minch University in attracting new talent and connecting the University to the private and public sectors.
Alumni associations
Arba Minch University’s alumni associations maintain and strengthen the bond between our university and graduates. Through activities such as symposia and conferences, but also through newsletters, websites and social media, we keep you updated. As a member of an alumni association, you will receive an alumni ID card, entitling you to a free subscription alumni magazine, as well as other products and services.
Alumni in the spotlight
Arba Minch University regularly puts an alumnus in the spotlight. These alumni have reached interesting positions in their careers or have made special contributions to society or to the university.Please feel free to contact us if you would like to suggest an alumnus to be put in the spotlight. Your suggestions are greatly appreciated.
Lifelong learning
Graduating does not mean that you are done learning. Development is a lifelong process, both on personal and professional level. Arba Minch University provides fascinating courses to keep developing yourself. Among other things you have the possibility to make use of the available courses and trainings.
University library
By showing your alumni ID card and a valid ID at the library's information desk, you can use the library resources.The card is valid only for one year and you are required to renewit. Moreover, as an active member of Arba Minch University Alumni you will have the right to use E-library resources.
Attend courses
Language courses and ICT academy services
As Arba Minch University graduate, you can continue to use the facilities of the Language Center and ICT academy services for up to five years following your graduationwith discount.
How Can I stay involved?
You can keep up to date of all the latest developments through events, newsletters and digital media. You can also get involved by contributing in many ways. You can sign up to become a mentor for a student or provide internships. Or make a resource (e.g. books, medical equipment’s etc) contribution which we can use in our programs.
Help students
Alumni can be very useful for students. You have developed knowledge and expertise which you can share with students. On the other hand, alumni can benefit from new visions which a student entails.
Alumni can be very useful for students and the university. As our graduates we hope you will contribute for the development of the university through donating your expertise, books, medical equipment and other resources.
Mentor Program
Alumni and Tracer studies and Career Centerdeveloped the Arba Minch University Career Mentor Program. This program gives students the chance to prepare themselves for the job market. A mentor acts as a role model. Students can ask questions about their study program or career path and learn from the experiences of the mentor.
As an alumnus of Arba Minch University you can sign up to become a mentor. You support the current generation of students, but also re-connect with the university and your education. Besides that, you control the amount of time you want to volunteer and how. You can contact each other in person, but also via mail, phone or Skype.
Interested in becoming a mentor? Contact Alumni and Tracer Studies Associate Registrar Office.
As a mentor you can have different roles:
Motivator: Motivate the student by expressing your confidence in the student’s capabilities. Encourage him/her to try new things and take on new challenges.
Resource: Teach the student how he/she can build a network of professional contacts and how to maintain these contacts. Introduce the student to new people, let them discover new places or give them new ideas.
Supporter: Encourage an open and honest dialogue. Listen and react to the needs of the student.
Coach: Contribute to the development of the student. And make sure he/she commits his-/herself to realistic and feasible goals.
Volunteer with us
By being involved in the lives of students you have the power to positively influence the future of the university. There are always a variety of volunteering opportunities available to you as an alumnus of Arba Minch University Student.
Giving your time is a great way to share your talents, skills and experience to benefit current students while also staying connected to Arba Minch University.
Benefits of volunteering
Our alumni choose to volunteer for a variety of reasons. For some, it is a way of giving back to the University, for others it is a way of championing their chosen field. Volunteering helps with:
Developing a network with fellow alumni across different professions
Professional development
Enhancing your CV
Gaining confidence
Volunteering opportunities
If you want to give event support, help us out with student recruitment, guide students towards their professional career, or something else, you can send an email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Services for Alumni
As a Arba Minch University graduate, we offer you various services such as: career services, access to the Sports Center, and discounts on several courses.
Alumni Associations
When you become a member of an alumni association, there are additional benefits. Next to the activities of the association, you will also have access to the university library. How do you become a member? More information about Alumni Associations and Communities.
Up to 10 years after graduation, you can use Sport center facilities with discounts
Up to 1 year after graduation, you can make use of the Student Career Center
Support in setting up your own business:Starterslift
Library(for members of Alumni Associations)
Discount on courses
Discount courses
As Arba Minch University graduate, you can continue to use the facilities of the Language Center and ICT academy services for up to five years following your graduation with discount.
Career service
Career Services for alumni
If you just graduated, you can still use the services of the student Career Center for up to one year after graduation. They will be pleased to assist you with:
Courses, workshops and information meetings about effective application techniques, self-assessment and communications skills;
Personal advice on how to make the transition into employment.
Sports membership
Alumni may continue to use Arba Minch University sport centers for ten years after graduating with discounts.
If you wish to start your own business (or have done so recently) but you are not sure of the next steps, contact Starterslift. This program assists all students and staff of Arba Minch University wishing to start their own business, regardless of background or subject studied.
Graduates of ArbaMinch University can call upon the services of the Starterslift for up to oneyear following graduation. With expert advice, you will be able to develop your idea into a successful, thriving business. For more information please contact(Career Center/Entrepreneurship Development Center)
The University considers the ArbaMinch University alumni to be its most important ambassadors both at home and abroad. They are the mainstay of the university's contact with society and form an integral part of the current university community. If you have any questions about the alumni policy of Arba MinchUniversity, please feel free to contact us @ This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Find other alumni
Have you lost contact with friends from your time at Arba Minch University? We will be pleased to help you to reconnect.
Visiting address
Arba Minch University, Alumni and Tracer Studies Associate Registrar Office
Registrar, Office number 310
Arba Minch University
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P.O. Box 21
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Social media
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