The School of Graduate Studies of Arba Minch University was established in 2002 with the main objective of creating qualified manpower in the area of water resources. Currently the School runs many multi-disciplinary & need based professions to contribute for sustainable development of Ethiopia and East Africa.


The mission of the SGSDO of the Arba Minch University is to contribute to the educational, cultural, economic, and social advancement of Ethiopia by providing excellent programs leading to associate, masters, professional, and doctorate degrees; by pursuing leading-edge basic and applied research, scholarly inquiry, and creative endeavors; and by bringing these intellectual resources, and those of the public libraries, to bear on the economic development of the country and the continuing education of its citizens.
According to the Ethiopian Higher Education Proclamation No. 650/2009 and its own charter (Council of Ministers Charter Regulation No 235/2011), AMU is mandated to establish, organize and determine the status, functions and responsibilities of academic units, and close down any of them when appropriate. Accordingly, SGSDO is established to:
Create a conducive environment for teaching and learning process.
Ensure both the quality and expansion of programs at MSc and PhD level, not one at the expense of another.
Advance need based research at MSc & PhD programs as per the country’s policy direction
The School is also mandated to:
  • Design and implement graduate programmes in accordance with the needs of the university and the policy direction of the country;
  • Publish and disseminate research works as well  as hold discussion forms to deliberate upon the result;
  • Establish and run academic journals and newsletters;
  • Contribute specially to the institutional capacity building of other public and non-profit -making private institutions, including the upgrading of the qualifications of their academic status;
  • Cooperate with the Institutional Quality Assurance Directorate on  relevance of education and quality matters;
  • Carry out such other activities that accord with its objectives and the mission, vision and objectives of the university.


The SGSDO is to be renowned as a forward thinking, enterprising and business engaged graduate school of the country by 2020.
The School will be known for providing a high quality and cutting edge learning experience, for research which has a real world impact and for being a catalyst in economic and social transformation.
In all that the Arba Minch University does, we will:
  • Aim high
  • Strive to control our destiny
  • Be accountable for our actions and exercise responsible stewardship
  • Be inclusive, treat each other with dignity and respect and promote citizenship
  • Value excellence, quality and service
  • Foster innovation and creativity
  • Broad diversity, including people of all races, creeds, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientations, gender identities, physical abilities, and socioeconomic groups;
  • A culture that appreciates and respects faculty, staff, and students and that acknowledges their interdependence and the vital role of every member of the Volunteer family;
  • Engagement with our local and extended communities, embracing intercultural and global perspectives;
  • High standards of ethical and professional behavior;
  • Intellectual curiosity, pursuit of knowledge, free exchange of ideas, and academic freedom and integrity;
  • Transparent and data-informed decision making;
  • Wise management of resources and infrastructure; and
  • Our campus, our people, and our work.

The Office for the School of Graduate Studies (SGS)

The School of Graduate Studies, through the established Colleges/institutes and departments, offers programs of study and research leading to the Master of Arts (MA.), the Master of Education (M.Ed.), the Master of Sciences (M. Sc.), the Master of Engineering (M. Ing.), Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), and similar other post-graduate degrees. The SGS may also, as conditions permit, offer such programs of study and research leading to post-graduate diplomas.
  • The SGS shall function through Department Graduate Committees, College/Institute Academic Commissions and the Graduate Council.
  • All university-wide policies, rules and regulations shall mutatis mutandis apply to the SGS with necessary changes.
  • The SGS may encourage Colleges/Institute to run joint graduate programs in collaboration with other universities until the SGS develop the necessary capacity to run programs on its own. In such cases special procedures may be set to administer such programs in agreement with the collaborating institution.

School of Graduate Studies

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Arba Minch University