Message from AMU President

January, 2023

Dr.  Damtew Darza

University President

Dear All,

Welcome to Arba Minch University; true to its name, university is inextricably linked to rich flora and fauna of gifted Southern Nations, Nationalities and People’s Region. This first generation university represents Ethiopia’s demographically diverse canvas that attracts students across nation and intellectuals from across the world.

Seated in the lap of a promising land, inclusiveness is our guiding principle and ‘opportunity for all,’ our hallmark that foster innovative learning and new scientific ideas that get transferred into measurable benefits for the community in a peacefully productive environment.

Our 35 years of journey wasn’t a roller-coaster ride, umpteenth challenges have paved the way for the tangible progress made through problem-solving research and community service. Initially, water resource engineering led the foundation later scaled up into full-fledged university is widely known across the country as many take pride in pursuing their choicest degrees here.

Teaching-learning, research and community service are the paradigms that determine our progress. And being firmly anchored there, we have established a globalized environment that has given us momentum to excel not only in science, technology, health and medicine but also in agriculture, business & economics and social sciences in producing competent graduates, who enters global workplace to be a creative problem-solver.

Our increasing strength can be measured through the benefits accrued by faculty members who are accomplishing innovative interdisciplinary research in humanities, social science and science fields, as well as in the domains of cultural studies and business etc. Our qualified students reflect this research acumen as they are the true mascot of quality and innovative approach we stand for.

Our diligent staff is continuously getting myriad curriculums recalibrated to the emerging market needs. Present pool of 27 PhDs, 115 PG and 76 UG programs are an embodiment of that fact as at every given time over 35,000 students from across the country pursue degrees here.

More importantly, I must appreciate our students for pushing the envelope in attaining their goals that further propel university towards its vision to be one of the renowned universities in the country. Students and staff, I salute your dynamism and urge you to sustain it, for its consequential!

Though, the concerted efforts by academic and administrators have helped us to achieve concrete results but still ‘60:40 Ratio,’ - where 60% instructors hold Master degrees and 40% PhDs, is yet to be attained as adequate instructors with Masters are there but more PhDs are required. On parity front, AMU is ensuring 10% of its total students to pursue Masters; particularly female students and instructors are being given prominence so that they would be able to march shoulder to shoulder with their male counterparts.

With Water Technology Institute in place, AMU will become a name to be reckoned with in water resource engineering across Africa. Different research centers focusing on biodiversity, culture, economic and tropical disease researches are further making our claim more credible. Though challenging it looks, but with staff profile getting enhanced through various trainings, we can hope for all-round development for students, staff, region and nation at large.

We are immensely indebted to Ethiopian government for its support for without them we couldn’t have achieved our desires. Similarly, national and global stakeholders have had great role in shaping our future, therefore, I cordially invite them to extend their cooperation to strengthen research endeavors to complement our increasing technological and diversified needs to spur overall national growth.

All of you, including students, staff, partners and stakeholders, mean a lot for us. Therefore, I will continue to invite all to avail yourself, where huge treasure of innovative research projects and life-changing community service opportunities await you to add value to our existence and new dimension to mutual collaboration in enhancing academic and social life.

Thank You,

Offices accountable to the President office

  1. University Senate
  2. Managing Council
  3. University Council
  4. Vice President office for Administration & Development
  5. Vice President office for Academic Affairs
  6. Vice President office for Research and Community Engagement
  7. Institute of Technology’s Scientific Director Office
  8. Water technology institute scientific Director Office
  9. Institutional Quality Enhancement Directorate
  10. Strategic Planning and Implementation Directorate
  11. Communication Affairs Directorate
  12. Information Communication Technology Directorate
  13. Cross-Cutting Issue Directorate
  14. Legal Service Directorate
  15. Audit & Inspection Directorate
  16. Women, Children and Youth Affairs Directorate
  17. Ethics and Anti-Corruption Directorate
  18. Institutional Change and Good Governance Directorate


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