Arba Minch University celebrated ‘Ginbot 20’ (fall of Dergue regime) with great patriotic fervor, zeal and enthusiasm at Main Campus in the presence of university community and many invited guests on 26th May, 2017. This 26th anniversary was themed, ‘Ethiopia - Committed to ensuring a Federal System based on equality and equity among people.’ Click here to see the Pictures.

The celebration began with AMU President, Dr Damtew Darza, Ministry of Federal and Pastoralists Development’s Peace Culture Building Directorate Director, Mr Fresenbet Woldetensay, Gamo Gofa Zone’s Chief Administrator, Mr Esayas Endrias and other invitees cutting the ceremonial cake and lighting the sparkling sticks.

At the outset, in his address, Dr Damtew called upon gathering to take pride in present progressive regime which is not leaving any stones unturned in ensuring that its citizens live in a peaceful and thriving socio-economic environment. Constitution and democracy, he said, are twin assets that have reshaped Ethiopia’s politico-historical contours which were characterized by repression, poverty, illiteracy and economic backwardness.

He further, adds however, looking back into history might make one feel bit nauseating for Dergue had perpetrated social anarchy and political perversion to the point of no return; but, now in a altogether new Ethiopia, people live in completely fearless and promising environment that allow them to profess their own religion, language, ethnicity and be the equal part-taker of benefits nation-wide in a highly democratic permutation.

Gloating over on Constitution, he said, it’s the growth engine wherein people occupy Centre stage and building of required infrastructure nation-wide including Great Ethiopian Renaissance Dam is poised to change the total power scenario and it will also put Ethiopia on way to robust economic gains in the years to come in entire Africa, he stressed.

Mr Fresenbet Woldetensay in his presentation highlighting some major achievements of present government said, in the past 26 years, Ethiopia has created strong infrastructure in different sectors. It has introduced various humanitarian measures in the areas of health, education, agriculture,   women empowerment, etc. Especially, sustained economic growth of 11% over last one decade is a remarkable achievement that has reduced poverty to 21%; and now Ethiopia is no longer a famished nation, but, 'country with countless possibilities’ and it’s making headway with amazing pace, he said.

Mr Esayas Endrias steering discussion, said ‘Ginbot 20’ has paved the way for democracy that led the foundation for development in Ethiopia and the strong grounds for multi-party system has already been enshrined in the Constitution and the tradition continues. The Federal system by ensuring rights to nations and nationalities has primarily reinforced the pluralistic ethos of Ethiopia, which is its beauty. He said that honoring martyrs and promising to play important role for national development should be everyone’s goal.

Later, in the discussion, some of the participants, taking exception to the stated figures of economic growth and volume of development expressed their worries against the rising inflation that continues to wreak havoc in family finances with paltry hike in salary coming their way. Regretting further, they felt that issues of housing, equity and quality in education are matter of grave concern.


(Corporate Communication Directorate)