School of Pedagogical and Behavioral Science, headed by Dr Eyob Ayenew, started way back in 2013, turned operational last year, has been aggressively donning several responsibilities to improve quality of education and with every year its bag is getting filled with something anew.

Dr Eyob Ayenew in his free-wheeling chat revealed to what extent his School is executing its job, he said, initially, it had two departments i.e. Psychology and Pedagogical Science, and simultaneously Higher Diploma Program (HDP), English Language Improvement Centre (ELIC) and Post-Graduate Diploma in Teaching (PGDT) were added.

Furthermore, two more departments i.e. Adult Education & Community Development and Special Needs and Inclusive Education and two coordination offices, Research & Community Service and Post-Graduate coordination offices were added.

On its status, he said, as of now, school runs five undergraduate programs, Psychology, Special Needs and Inclusive Education, Educational Planning & Management, Adult Education & Community Development and Pedagogical Science; however, in Masters Category it runs programs like Curriculum and Instruction, Special Needs and Inclusive Education, Educational Psychology and Educational Planning & Management.

He adds School is making steady progress, but paucity of infrastructure is the hitch. This year, School has got ETB 6.5 Million for annual budget and ETB 15 Million from World Bank under General Education Quality Improvement to carry out its various developmental agenda.

Putting his points across, he said ongoing construction at Chamo Campus might ease situation but, till it gets completed an alternative arrangement has to be made. And seeing increasing volume of works, school needs to be converted into a separate college and a proposal in that regard is being prepared, he added.

On comprehensive programs to improve quality, he said, we are providing services not only for university but also for high school teachers. And even during summer, we are not sitting idle as our activities are quite diverse.

Delving deeper, he pointed manpower is the major issues as government is planning to train teachers in a massive way. And the School, due to inadequate manpower is feeling the heat to run HDP, PGDT, regular programs and to fill up vacant positions. Though, we are asking for new teachers, but professionals are hard to get by.

On future planning, he said, during my tenure, I will try my best to get the school converted into a full-fledged college and achieve 60:40 ratio (Master:PhD) to make it a better place of learning. He further informed that School will also launch one undergraduate and Master program in Early Childcare & Education and Developmental Psychology respectively.

On what makes him happy, he said, being the member of Faculty of Education, he would like to restore its lost glory, but, lack of infrastructure, is his greatest worries.

Praising officials, he said, Academic Affairs Vice President, Dr Yechale Kebede, and others are very supportive. Till last year, the School was part of College of Social Sciences and Humanities, but now we have our separate identity availing separate budget.

(Corporate Communication Directorate)