Arba Minch University celebrates the fifth Ethiopian National Flag Day for the fourth time in the University on October 29, 2012.The Day was marked under the theme: "holding our flag high, we shall realize the Ethiopian Renaissance initiated by our great architect Meles". Gathering in front of the main administration building, members of the University Management, academic and administrative staffs, students of the university and also the university community school students attended the celebration.  The Day was formally opened by Dr. Agena  Anjulo, the V/President for Academic of the University.


On the Occasion, Dr. Agena highlighted the flag of a nation is a token of common values for its people and a national pride for all. He added that the day contributed share towards national consensus and strengthen solidarity between the people of Ethiopia. He emphasizing the significance of remarking the day when all Ethiopians stand together to reassure their commitment and love to their flag which has been implemented deep in their hearts, bones and bleed. On his final statement Dr. Agena called the university community vowed to strive for the realization of the university mission and the Ethiopian renaissance which was initiated by our great architect Meles.

Dr. Agena Anjulo

V/president for Academic Affairs

Students presented different literary works that reflect the day and waving national and regional flags.

The celebration culminates after the national anthem was sung and the v/president for academic and the v/president for research and community service hoisted the flag accompanied by the university police with military salutation. Following the flag hoisting, different balloons rocketed by the presidents.

The day was observed in similar manner in three other campuses of the university.

Some pictures of the day were here under:

While the president cutting the memorial cake