Ministry of Science and Higher Education’s maiden event - Higher Education, Research, Technology & Industry Linkage - HEART Convention–2021, has done more than what it expected. Its acknowledgement and felicitation of crème de la crème from academic and research fields has literally set the ball rolling as those feted in different categories having got much-needed fillip vowed to raise the bar in their endeavors.

National recognition that AMU got through its 2nd best innovator in technology innovation has placed it on cloud nine and from here it would explore much higher grounds in scientific and technology innovation arena to ensure sustainable development across the nation, says AMU President, Dr Damtew Darza.

Dr Damtew Darza, having participated in HEART Convention– 2021, said, it’s going to be an annual feature in Ethiopia for it aimed at bringing all stakeholders on same page especially when it comes to technology innovation. And I feel, it will harmonize and gather scattered sparks into high-octane energy to push nation into higher dimension of development; more importantly, it will liberate those living in silos.

He adds that the takeaway point is knowledge must lead and guide everything that triggers growth. Consequently, it would guide Ethiopia, Africa and United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals by knowledge-led economy, where all public universities and technical and vocational education and training institutes play bigger role. Therefore, hereafter, we got to get our acts together and perform better.

AMU’s lone researcher, Dr Addisu Fekadu, was adjudged 2nd best innovator, feels absolutely humbled and excited as this acclamation has not only fetched him hefty purse of ETB 200,000, a medal, winner plaque but opened up new vistas to excel. Felicitation at the hands of Ethiopian President, Her Excellency Sahlework Zewdie, was a great honor. She along with entire scientific fraternity have lauded his feat and asked him to scale it up in the region where Enset is grown and introduce machines to the client to get it propagated all across with ensured royalty to AMU.

Being recognized as the 2nd best innovator nation-wide is remarkable; however, we learnt a lesson to be well-informed about the specifics of this unique event. Lack of information has delayed organization of our exhibits as allotted space was small at Addis Ababa hotel. Secondly, we have to work on our strategic planning, reporting, scientific innovation, indigenous knowledge, etc. as Noble Foundation is likely to recognize Ethiopian innovations in science, social science and humanities, informed Community Service Directorate Director, Dr Teklu Wegayehu.

He exhorted that we must plan strategies in a professional manner as in this category Jimma University has outshined others for they had an expatriate to design their strategic planning. The team I had was committed and did best; we had different technologies to display but small room inhibited us to showcase outstanding technologies. At the same time, as the research university, we got to work hard, create and nurture great minds for better future, he maintained.

Ms Feven Kinfe, having earned plaudit as the best female teacher, feel delighted and for her it’s a matter of great pride, but at the same time, it enjoins consistency in hard working and perseverance on her part to excel in academic and research endeavors. It will encourage and further motivate my cohorts, she adds.

Basking in the glory of newly conferred award as the best male teacher, Dr Mesfin Menza, College of Business and Economics’ Dean has adequate academic and research experience feel indebted towards Almighty God, MoSHE, AMU and others. He calls it’s exemplary in a way that it will keep motivating and inspiring him to push the envelope in his respective domain in the years to come.

Best female student, Ms Serawit Tadesse of Sawla Campus from Forestry department feels elated for this newly acclaim. Initially, she said, I feel totally astounded but ultimately it’s satisfying. This commendation will invariably help me to raise the bar and go for higher grounds in my academic and research pursuit.

Best male student, Abdulwakil Abarshad of Sawla Campus from Finance and Development, attributes the credit of his success to God’s blessings, support from his teachers and patronage provided by AMU to learn in a refreshingly vital environment; he vowed to keep up the momentum in his academic endeavor.

(Communication Affaires Directorate)