Arba Minch University will be conducting workshop on ‘Sustainable Water Resource Development’ at Lecture Theatre from 27th to 28th June, 2013. It will be 13th workshop in a row since its inception from 1996, said the Director of WRRC, Dr Mekonen Ayana.

It has been observed that watershed degradation is threatening the livelihood of the rural people (about 85% of the Ethiopian population) and water resources development infrastructure as well. With burgeoning population, activities that exacerbate natural resources degradation such as deforestation, over-grazing, over-cultivation overuse of resources and poor farming activities are becoming intense.

So to find out solutions for this perennial problem, this workshop is meant to create a forum for researchers, professionals from areas such as water, environment and climate change as well as practitioners, decision-makers and development agents to come together and share experiences and knowledge by presenting papers, displaying products and technologies that address sustainable water resources management under changing climate.

The Federal Minister of Water Resources, His Excellency Ato Alemayeh Tegenu, is likely to be the guest of honour as official invitation in this regard has already been sent to him by AMU President, Dr Feleke Woldeyes. AMU President will deliver the welcome speech.

The preparation for the workshop has started long back with communication collaterals i.e. posters in this regards have been pasted at vintage points across 34 universities, federal and regional organizations, international institutions operating in Ethiopia and info on website.

The organizing committee has reported to have received more than 45 research papers of which 22 were selected for oral & 10 for poster presentations; 20% of them will be presented by AMU staff.

The papers will cover broad areas of hydrology, irrigation, water supply, climate change, environment issues. Over 200 participants from across Governmental and non-governmental sectors and institutions working in the areas of water are likely to be part of it.

Exhibition of technologies & products in water resources and energy i.e. water pumps, irrigation implements and other relevant products would also be organized.

The participants will also be taken on field visit to one or more of the sites i.e. parks, crocodile farms, Forty Springs & Water and Soil Conservation sites in Konso areas, Dr Mekonen informed.

Ministry of Water Resources & Energy (CMP), Ministry of Science & Technology, Water Works Design & Supervision Enterprise and International Water Management Institute are main co-sponsors of the workshop.

By Philips Joseph