Mr. Yenealem Ewentu Jewdie of Economics Department has something to feel proud of for what he has done.  He has score 3.94, a very high score among all economics candidates, something which has earned him topper model for his class in the Graduation ceremony.  “I study hard, from primary school to college and I put in around 8 hours of work perday” he says.  Also, he likes to read books on many subjects written by scholars and authors and that has been published on many subjects.


He likes the Lecturers and teachers who taught him and he says that they are good motivators which helped in scoring good grade. The secret behind his success is simple – that he didn’t miss single class. And that’s not all.  He says that lecturers to an extent of 95% had behaved well with the students and they have been motivating students to do work themselves and encouraged students to ask questions in class and if they have doubt or if they are clear on a subject. His lecturers had encouraged to read different books on economics to clear doubts also, it is learnt. He says that the library could be more well equipped and more books on economics and internet facility are readily welcome.

He spends his spare time reading books and watches TV also as he would like to be a teacher in a long run.  He considers President  Obama as a world leader  and this leader he likes most.  Reason – Obama is a knowledgeable man and he can understand problems from poorest to richest, Yenealem  says.  “President Obama works for poorest and for income distribution from rich to poor and has clear tax policy and building of infrastructure” says he.

What does he wants to do? After a bit of contemplation, Yenealem replies that he wants to be a teacher , and he will go into voluntary services in helping street children,  HIV infected persons and differently abled people. He would go for further studies and learn, would get into anti-corruption front in many organizations and would help build Great Ethiopian Renaissance Dam in Abaya River and participate in construction of the dam.