Arba Minch University rolled out total of 1,457 graduates in its 36th convocation held at Main Campus Auditorium, on July 19, 2023; 859 are undergraduates, 586 are Masters and 12 are PhDs. Click here to see more Pictures.

AMU President, Dr. Damtew Darza, addressing the audience said, the university is currently enrolled more than 26,000 students in 59 departments with 75 first degree, 140 second degree and 34 PhD education programs in different fields of study.  Dr. Damtew added that for the past three decades, including 36th batch graduates, AMU has contributed 77,262 professionals in engineering, health, agriculture, social sciences and other disciplines to the development of our country's human resources.  

He also noted that Arba Minch University being one of the eight research universities gives priority to research work and has established five journals so far of which Ethiopian Journal of water Science and Technology, EJWST, has been accredited nationally.

Guest of Honor, Dr. Solomon Abreha, Chief Executive Officer for Higher Education Sector, Administration and infrastructure, at Ministry of Education, said, it is believed that education and knowledge have great potential to overcome poverty and build families and national economies. Based on this, the government has been supporting the education and training sector by allocating huge expenditure.

He further noted that our educational system is facing bigger challenges in terms of ensuring quality. Thus, the Ministry of Education is developing and putting into effect a number of reform agendas to deal with education quality crisis. He noted that major reform agendas include sorting universities according to their specialization and focus areas, conducting curriculum audits, updating and strengthening the examination system, implementing exit exams, improving the management system, and making universities autonomous.

Addressing the graduates he said that as knowledge is an inexhaustible resource and the basis of everything that transforms society, hence the graduates must work hard for the sustainable development and change of their country in the field they graduated using the theoretical and practical knowledge they acquired during their stay at the university.

The secretary of the Alumni Association of Arba Minch University, Journalist Salisawit Baynesagn, said that as graduates are being approved to hold the key knowledge to solve the problems confronting our country, Ethiopia, the graduates should serve their country with knowledge and good ethics in all areas they get engaged in the future. She also reminded the graduates to be member of the association with other graduates and to contribute back to the university and the surrounding community.

Among the female graduates, Eden Amare from the Institute of Water Technology with CGPA of 3.9, Tigist Amakelew from the Institute of Technology with CGPA of 3.92 and Hana Fresbhat with CGPA of 3.55 from the School of Law got presented with special award. Moreover, Ashenafi Hailu from AWTi with CGPA of 3.94, Habtamu Kucha from AMiT with CGPA 3.95, Eyasu Basa from CMHS with CGPA of 3.97 and Besufikad Tadesse from School of Law With CGPA of 3.92 have been awarded Gold Medal for their outstanding score.

Registrar and Alumni Directorate Director Dr Malebo Mancha read out the year’s record whereas Academic Affairs Vice President Dr Alemayhu Chufamo presented graduates of respective institutes, colleges and Schools; Dr. Tesfaye Habteariam anchored the program and Gamo Zone Cultural Band graced the ceremony.

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