Arba Minch University rolled out a total of 1,475 graduates in its 36th batch 2nd round convocation held at Main Campus Auditorium, on September 23, 2023; 1,348 are undergraduates, 121 are Masters, 3 PGDTs and 3 are PhDs. Click here to see more Photos.

AMU President, Dr. Damtew Darza, addressing the audience said, Arba Minch University, in its three decades plus service has contributed 78,737 professionals in engineering, health, agriculture, social sciences and other disciplines to the development of our country's human resources development. According to the president, based on the reform agendas of the nation in the education sector, the University is carrying out various activities to ensure quality education and to maintain the status of a research university. Dr Damtew also noted that according to the direction set by the Ministry of Education, AMU is making various preparatory activities to be autonomous institution in the next two years.

The Guest of Honor Dr. Eba Mijena, Chief Executive Officer of the Higher Education Sector at the Ministry of Education said that Education is a key tool to ensure social and economic development and promote peace and democracy in our country; therefore, currently, the government gives special attention to the quality, appropriateness and fairness to the education sector. He also noted that there are about 1.7 million students in higher education institutions and around 30 million in general education programs. Addressing the graduates, Dr. Eba said that the graduates' strength was demonstrated by the fact that they passed the exit exam as well and approved for the commencement. He also emphasized that graduates should still strive for the good of the nation in all facets of their careers and contribute significantly to nation's efforts to lift out of poverty.

Journalist Salisawit Baynesagn, the Executive Secretary of Arba Minch University Alumni Association, said that graduates should serve their country with knowledge and moral character in all endeavors they undertake in the future. She also reminded the graduates to be member of the association with other graduates and to contribute back to the university, the surrounding community, and the nation at large.

Among the female graduates, Diana Birhanu from Arba Minch Institute of Water Technology with CGPA of 3.35, Eden Moges from Arba Minch Institute of Technology with CGPA of 3.79, Betelhem Negash from College of Natural and Computational Sciences with CGPA of 3.73, Kumnger Temesgen from College of Agricultural Sciences with CGPA of 3.61, Sumeya Feti from College of Business and Economics with CGPA of 3.96, Eleni Ifa from College of Social Sciences and Humanities with CGPA of 3.68 and Tigist Aboye from School of Pedagogy and Behavioral Sciences with CGPA of 3.48 were prized with special awards.

Moreover, Bayu Alehegn from Arba Minch Water Technology Institute with CGPA of 3.44, Liul Sintayehu from Arba Minch Institute Technology with CGPA 3.97, Bizuayhu Alehegn from College Natural & Computational Sciences with CGPA of 3.97, Kabo Ketebo from College of Agricultural Sciences with CGPA of 3.93, Alazar Kitaw from College Business & Economics with CGPA of 3.99, Tazeze Ayalew from College Social Sciences & Humanities with CGPA of 3.90, and Haileysus Demisie from School Pedagogical & Behavioral Sciences with CGPA of 3.79 have been awarded Gold Medals for their outstanding scores.

Dr Paulos Tadesse from college of Natural & Computational Sciences and Dr Teshome Yirgu from College of Social Sciences & Humanities were honored for their full-professorship Academic rank promotion.

Registrar and Alumni Directorate Director Dr. Malebo Mancha read out the year’s record whereas Academic Affairs Vice President Dr. Alemayhu Chufamo presented graduates of respective institutes, colleges and Schools and officially announced their graduation; Mr. Fissiha Bekele, PhD candidate, mastered the ceremony and Arba Minch City Cultural Band graced the program.

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