AMU together with delegates from Ministry of Education, Ethiopia and US Embassy, Ethiopia,   met for discussion of establishing structured internationalization and exchanged experiences regarding the internationalization of Ethiopian higher education.Click here to see more photos.

The two-day visit was led by Mr. Gedion Mamo, the Education and Cultural Affairs Specialist at the US Embassy, Ethiopia, and Dr. Erich Dietrich from New York University. The objective of the visit was sharing experiences and checking existing internationalization efforts in the universities to enhance and structure it in higher education institutions for the future.

Dr. Tesfaye Habtemariyam, Executive Director of Research at Arba Minch University, addressed internationalization efforts, prospects and challenges.  

Dr. Damtew Darza, AMU President, noted that AMU has been implementing different internationalization efforts and has also ongoing plans and challenges; he also briefed the potential benefits of becoming an autonomous Research-led University and its nexus with internationalization in general.  

Dr. Erich Dietrich, on his part, shed light on the significance of internationalization, emphasizing the need for universities to embrace a global outlook to access new streams beyond their domestic institutions. This global perspective enables expansion, adaptability, and the enrichment of academic and research operations through valuable insights from diverse regions.

Mr Gedion along with Dr. Erich Dietrich and others visited various university facilities, including libraries, laboratories, and research centers.

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