AMU organized a half day Public Lecture on “Social Science Research Lessons Learned from Basic & Applied” and “Citizenship, Identity & Territory” at Chamo campus. Click here to see more photos

Dr Bosha Bombe, head for Sociology and Social Anthropology department, said in his welcome speech that the college is working with different foreign universities in America, Germany, Belgium, Slovenia, Mozambique, South Africa and Philippines on student exchange, joint research and resource mobilization. Programs like this will be an opportunity for young researchers to share experiences; strengthening bilateral relations with more universities and institutions abroad would be of a great importance for the move AMU is making towards autonomy, he remarked.

The chief guest, Professor Barry Hewlet, emeritus professor of Anthropology, Washington State University, USA, in his presentation focused on “Toolkits for Applied and Basic Social Science Research”. He emphasized on father child relations in nomadic people, how to test child development theories, the use of indigenous education, and how to test cognitive science theories of learning in his lecture. He added disease control and conservation and cultural model training in Anthropological/Sociological/Psychological methods should be in focus. 

The other chief guest, Professor Günter Schlee, emeritus professor of Social Anthropology, the former founder and director of Max Plank Institute for social anthropology and current staff member focused on “Citizenship, Identity and Territory” in his presentation. He said National identity can foster a sense of unity and solidarity among citizens to promote social cohesion and collective action. It provides individuals with a framework through which they relate to others and express their shared experiences, traditions and values, he noted. The relationship between national identity and citizenship is a dynamic match; furthermore, the key elements of national identity include cultural values, language, customs, traditions, symbols, and a sense of belonging to a particular nation, he explained.

Later, after the presentations, the participants raised different queries and the presenters gave a low down and further elaborations.

Finally, the two emeritus professors have been awarded certificates of recognition for their contribution to academics and research in the field. Professor Tadesse Wolde from Oxford University, AMU higher officials, staff and post graduate students were in attendance. 

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