Over the years, lot has been changed in Ethiopia with respect to women, and particularly in last 21 years, we have achieved remarkable results. As of now we have thousands of girl students enrolled in schools and AMU compared to less than 100 female students, 20 years back. In some of the universities girls are outnumbering boys, said AMU President, Dr Felek Woldeyes during ‘International Women’s Day’ celebration at Lecture Theatre, on 1st April, 2014.


The program was graced by some of the directors, academic, administrative and support staff and students.

Dr Feleke said, adding, ‘‘Being committed to pursue women-welfare measures, AMU while admitting students, 30% priority is given to them to compete amongst themselves and in the remaining 70% best girls compete with the boys. In AMU women are favoured in jobs, even some of them are at the director-level.

It’s being done in line with gender policy pursued by Ethiopian government and today’s motto says, ‘with the participation of women we can achieve Ethiopian Renaissance’. So, AMU will continue to empower women so that they get equitable share in academic and other sphere of life, he added.

Gender Affairs Directorate Director, W/t Munit Mekuria Abebe, said, ‘‘Women’s situation with regard to their rights in Ethiopia is good; government is taking strong measures for their overall development. However, still the percentage of women in government jobs is low, especially in higher position.

In Arba Minch University, very few women occupy leadership position. Hence, we need to look into it and see they are placed in the higher position in the coming years. For this, we need to compel government to formulate women-centric policies, guideline and legislation that would address their issues. And gender-related issues should be mainstreamed in all policies, she sums up.

A presentation highlighting the global scenario with respect to women was presented by Department of Management that shows much has to be done to improve their lot.

It further says, historically leadership has carried the notion of masculinity and the belief that men make better leaders then women is still common. In African societies, it’s believed that men lead and women follow. However, the study says women possess the same intellectual knack and ability; it’s only the barriers cropped by the male chauvinistic attitude that hinder them from reaching to the top.

Impromptu debate organized at the event between boys and girls who got engaged in witty repartee regaled the audience.

Girl students who made their mark in academic arena, female staff members who made remarkable contribution and those girl students who brought laurels for university at Haramaya Sport Fest were felicitated.

Institute of Technology’s Scientific Director, Dr Negash Wagesho, in his concluding remark said, ‘‘These kinds of programs should be organized twice or trice in a year at university-level that will create huge momentum, awareness and provide much-needed fillip to one and all. It will help women to fight for their right. It should also accommodate others having rich experiences which will be mutually beneficial.

Dr Negash also expressed IoT’s willingness to support Gender Affairs Directorate in organizing such events. Corporate Communication Directorate’s staff Woderyelesh compered the program.

By Philips Joseph