Institutional Transformation Directorate has conducted Education Development Change Army program for Arba Minch University top, middle and lower level leaders at Lecture Theatre, Main Campus  on 8th April, 2014, to apprise them with the ongoing progress on Educational Development army organization - ‘1-to-5’ team concept.


‘‘This unique concept has been adopted by Ethiopian Education Ministry to see that the quality of education in all education institutions across the nation is enhanced. The process began two years back is now being replicated in AMU, said the Director of Institutional Transformation Directorate, Mr Debalke Dalcho.

This ‘1-to-5’ team is comprised of a leader and five other followers that necessitates the participation of all stakeholders i.e. students, teachers and support process.

Its objective and the rationale is, with small team, communication and assimilation of knowledge convincingly go easier that ultimately enhances the quality of education; improve performance, increase customer satisfaction that will help in materializing the goal of the university.

This ‘1-to-5’ team formulation has two significant components i.e. government and stakeholder. As per the present formation, government encompasses higher, middle and lower level managers, employees and teachers; lower-level manager keeps the tab on administrative workers and teachers’ teams.

The second component has stakeholders i.e. accountable to students, middle-level managers, Students Support Service Centre, Students’ Union, Batch Transformation to students ‘1-to-5’. The reporting process would generally cascade down to the above mentioned stakeholders. It begins with the high-level management and percolates down to the students, teachers’ and administration.

As of now AMU has 214 administrative staff’s ‘1-to-5’ teams, followed by 2520 teams from students. Teachers’ teams haven’t yet been formed. Mr Debalke said, they have already started creating awareness on the issue with the teaching community and soon teams will be formed.

High-level, middle and lower form the structural team, and each team will have its own function; the directive in this regard has been formulated.

In the meeting, AMU leaders were apprised of the progress being made at each session at the respective campuses on different dates. The presenter informed the gathering as to what had transpired in the meetings, what questions were raised and suggestions made.

AMU President, Dr Feleke Woldeyes, chairing the meeting, said, ‘‘I own the responsibility to organize the teams and see that it makes significant progress.’’ He also urged all to take forward the responsibility and report within ten days.

After ten days reporting will start, each ‘1-to-5’ team has to report to the respective bodies – Batch Transformation.

All respective leaders shall remain accountable to the batch transformation; each batch transformation has to report to the students’ organization and students to the Students Support Service Directorate.

Academic Affairs Vice President Dr Agena Anjulo was also appreciative of the move by Institutional Transformation Directorate and emphasized that it’s must for us to form ‘1-to-5’ team so as to ensure the ongoing education quality. All college deans, directors and heads of different departments attended the meeting.

By Philips Joseph