Arba Minch University striving to form its own Alumni Association, in its 24th May meeting held at Lecture Theatre has formally given shape to its dream by agreeing to its nomenclature - Arba Minch University Alumni Association with a consensus. Click here to see the Pictures.


Furthermore, the formed association which soon will be given legal sanctity by registering in the court of law, elected Institute of Technology’s Scientific Director, Dr Negash Wagesho, as its first president by voice vote and eight others executive committee members as well.

AMU President, Dr Feleke Woldeyes, in his closing remarks, praised the present alumni for gathering on the momentous occasion of 25th anniversary celebration. He assured best possible help to them saying, ‘‘All of yours valuable contribution means a lot for the growth of AMU.’’

The Academic Affairs Vice President, Dr Agena Anjulo, in his key-note address, stressed, ‘‘Our graduates of different times as alumni are the ambassadors of the university in the society and industry spread across the world.

Alumni Association always play crucial role in the overall development of university. AMU would also utilize the strength of such an association formed by its graduates who can energize the university with their innovative ideas and valuable feedback on design of courses, industry contacts and research.’’

Water Resource Research Centre Director, Dr Mekonen Ayana, in his welcome speech, said, ‘‘The development of AMU began with Arba Minch Water Technology Institute in 1986. Till date, it has produced over 40,000 graduates who are flourishing across the world. If Alumni Association takes the shape, we can utilize this precious human resource; their competence represents the reputation of AMU.

AMU’s 25th anniversary will also mark the starting point for the alumni association, and our graduates will get many advantages from this association like updated information and access to the resources we are having, he summed up.

The program was punctuated with small play wherein person speaking impeccable Amharic was to be awarded. Four out of five, end up using quite a few English terms, regaled the audience.

Dr Negash apprised the gathering with the checkered 25-year-long journey of Arba Minch University. Right from the establishment of Arba Minch Water Technology Institute (AWTI) to present AMU with its remarkable achievements was touched upon.

IoT’s Managing Director, Dr Alemayehu Chufamo, presented Alumni Association Draft to the gathering admitted that the draft document was rough and yet to be finalized. Questions on its nomenclature, strength of executive committee and subscription were raised; with mutual deliberation all the doubts were put to rest.

There was a dissent over subscription fee for those living abroad and lifetime membership. Finally it was decided to take $ 20 from abroad members and ETB 300 for lifetime membership.

Larger section felt that the key positions like association president, treasurer and secretary should go to those living in AMU campuses that will practically facilitate its functioning.

Three-member selection panel, with Director of Community Services, Dr Alemayehu Taye, Dr Alemyehu Chufamo and Dr Mekonen Ayana at the dais steered the selection process of Association president and executive committee members.

Dr Negash after getting elected as Alumni Association President, in his acceptance speech, underlined, ‘‘We are grateful to you for reposing faith in us and we will share the responsibility and would remain committed to the association. We will look into the draft document, after careful perusal it will be finalized.’’

The eight Executive Committee members of the AMU Alumni Association are as follow: Dr Alemsegd Tamiru, Dr Abdella, Mr Chuol Biel, Mrs Teshaie Debebe, Mr Thesale Dalecha, Mr Godana, Mr Kedir Mamo and Mrs Seble.

By Philips Joseph