Arba Minch University has again proved its mettle at the 6th Ethiopian Cities Forum held at Dire Dawa recently, as its carefully orchestrated show upstaged other participating universities and organizations from across Ethiopia. Click here to see the Pictures.

The Ministry of Urban Development, Housing & Construction has organized this eight-day national event at Dire Dawa from 15th to 22nd Nov, 2014. Most of Ethiopian public universities, representation from town administrations, business community and general public made it a memorable event.

Arba Minch University’s meticulously made scientific, architectural, economic, educational and other models and replicas on display and those manning them got the fancies of influential and general visitors. The appreciation it got from across embodied the hope, grit, determination and commitment invested in its pupils by the university.

Ethiopian Government President, His Excellency Dr Mulatu Teshome, and other dignitaries graced the event. President in his speech reiterating about the all-round development in various sectors, said, ‘‘The cities are now transforming to centers of services, trade and industries. The policies and strategies Ethiopia has been implementing have ushered in such positive change in the nation.’’

He also emphasized the need to create amiable milieu for investors intending to invest on manufacturing sector to ensure the renaissance of the country.

Minister of Urban Development, Housing and Construction, Mr Mekuria Haile, revealed that over 1 million jobs in urban agriculture, construction and trade were generated in the last fiscal year. And 1 million 127 thousand have got jobs in government mega projects every year.

Revenue of $ 12 million foreign exchange was earned from small & micro enterprises and 16000 hectares of land was arranged for development in all regions and city administrations.

AMU’s inventory has on display, models of Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD), replicas of some important nation’s economic and civic installations, architectural models, some prototypes of on-going global projects, vistas of Information and Communication Technology infrastructure for university community, and glimpses of tech transfer and its assimilation for nation’s growth was aptly mirrored.

Though, there were myriad of colorful exhibits by different universities and organizations, but AMU pavilion stood tall as its show attracted huge visitors, who at times were mesmerized and surprised. Many radio & television journalists covered AMU’s show and interviewed AMU members.

Similarly, two Indian teachers from Architecture and Civil Engineering departments had the privilege to present their selected research papers titled - ‘Modular City Design Methodology - 21st century cities,’ by Rajendra Kunwar and ‘Module, Basic Building Module and Basic Building Block,’ by S Natchimuthu at Dire Dawa University.

AMU team headed by Corporate Communication Directorate Director, Mr Fissiha Bekele and others put in painstaking efforts for the same.

By Corporate Communication Directorate (Philips Joseph)