This BSc program in ‘Production & Metal Engineering,’ is unique as it’s in the interest of Ethiopia. We are indebted to the Ministry of Education for requesting Arba Minch University to introduce programs in metal production engineering, sugar production and textile; but we chose this one keeping in view the human resource available to us, said Institute of Technology’s Scientific Director, Dr Negash Wagesho.

Dr Negash said it while opening the external curriculum review for undergraduate program in Production & Metal Engineering, at ICT Video Conference Hall, Main Campus, on November 27, 2014. The workshop began with APEU Director, Dr Niggusie, introducing the guests.

Atikilt Mulu in his presentation, said, ‘‘Demand of the nation is diversified in production engineering, hence, we decided to launch this program and aspires to become a leading centre of production & metal engineering.

At the inception, he dwelt into program’s goal, objective, rationale, course content, duration, human and infrastructural resources, graduate and professional profiles, program requirement, assessment & evaluation and degree nomenclature.

External reviewer from Adama Science and Technology University, Dr Wasyhun Yimer, said, ‘‘Govt. is prioritizing manufacturing industry by focusing on this arena; clear roadmaps are created for production, manufacturing, chemical engineering sectors. Presently, manufacturing sector might be contributing 0.4% to nation’s GDP, but it may grow four-fold in the years come.’’

In his meticulous observation, Dr Yimer wanted graduate profile, learning outcome, faculties & project resources, detail outcome, course outline need to be specific and clearly indicated. Theoretical and experimental aspect be integrated and he wanted process planning be included and graduate profile should be aligned with program objective.

Second external reviewer, Mr Mohammad Awol from Addis Ababa Science and Technology University, also gave his valuable observations on the occasion. The interactive session saw intense discussion on program nomenclature in English and Amharic. Some cited lacuna, some took exception to inclusion of different course content revisited.

The general anxiety with regard to the holistic aspect of the program was put to rest with Dr Nigussie and IoT Managing Director, Dr Alemayehu Chufamo, explaining about its demand-driven characteristics.

With consensus program’s nomenclature was decided to be BSc in Production & Metal Engineering. And the comments given by external reviewers along with relevant suggestions by the department personnel and general audience would find their place in the final draft.

Dr Negash in his closing remarks appreciated Mechanical Engineering department for developing the program and external reviewers for their valuable comments. He assured to make this program dynamic that not only would churn out professionals but create jobs as well.

By Corporate Communication Directorate (Philips Joseph)