Arba Minch University’s Technology Transfer Coordination Office has organized a daylong ‘Evaluation of innovational research proposals,’ at Lecture Theatre, Main Campus on December 4, 2014.The program began with Community Service Directorate’s Director, Dr Alemayehu Taye, apprising the gathering with the real aspects of multi-dimensional research in academic field. He said, ‘‘Any education institution engaged in community-centric research invariably contribute immensely in the welfare of the people, thus honoring its real mandate. And AMU with scores of projects in the pipeline is moving in right direction.’’The program began with Dr Awoke Guadie presenting his study titled, ‘‘Nutrient recovery and removal from wastewater using novel Fluidized Bed Reactor-Membrane Bio-reactor combo system.’Having witnessed his highly-technical study, the review panel and participants pointed at some inherent lacunae and questioned him about its feasibility and other aspects.The second proposal titled, ‘Dairy cattle productivity,’ by College of Agriculture Dean, Dr Nejib Mohammad and Dr Minale Getachew was adjudged timely and appropriate yet too broad.Highlighting the background of his proposal, Dr Minale, said, ‘‘Our proposal came into being after obtaining evidential inputs by conducting survey in the nearby woredas. Ethiopia has huge potential for dairy development in African continent; but our cows are low-milk yielders.Therefore, our prime objective is to increase the income of small house-hold community by inventing new breeds of cattle yielding sufficient milk. Developing milk cooperatives, promoting milk products, forage development and strong extension services are our concern,’’ he added.Research Directorate’s Director, Dr Fantahun and others lauded his proposal, at the same time termed it to be too broad that needs adequate time to take it to the logical level where the community will be beneficiary.The last proposal titled, ‘Structural Operation of Compound microscope,’ was presented by by Temesgen and Hailmaryam. The program was conducted by Assefa Dessie; Dr Alemayehu Taye gave the closing remarks.

(By Corporate Communication Directorate: Philips Joseph)