Community Service Directorate has organized the two-day training in English language for High School English teachers from Gamo Gofa Zone at Main Campus; 124 teachers participated in the training.

‘‘English, an international language is primarily used in scientific and academic field.Hence, it’s imperative to learn its technicality and nuances which will empower you to communicate and get connected with the world, exhorted Dr Tora Abebe, while opening the training.
The objective of the training was to enable teachers to understand how to ask questions in different ways in different situations, effectively carry out classroom routines, be accurate in checking register with alternate expressions, have apt expressions, and be smart in showing lecture structure using methods of role play, simulation, question-answer, gapped lecture, discussion and cooperative learning.
Training consisting of 12 sessions revolved round specific topics like un-packing thoughts & classroom questions, routines, instructions, suggestions, physical conditions and spontaneous situations, how to start the lessons, language for maintaining classroom discipline and to understand structure etc.
The core objective was to train the teachers as trainer by equipping them with necessary skills i.e. to conduct same types of the training in respective schools. For it is very difficult and costly proposition to invite all teachers from existing secondary schools; so these trainers would be used as a means to upscale English training.
The training was conducted in collaboration with English Language Instructional Program (ELIP) which has also prepared the training manual and distributed to the instructors. Instructors from Department of English Language and Literature (DELL) were the resource persons.
In his closing speech, Dr Alemayehu Taye, said, ‘‘AMU is proactive in providing different community services for the different sectors of the government and communities. Capacity building of High School teachers in Gamo Gofa Zone is one of our initiatives. And in the course of time, our service areas are getting expanded thus benefitting larger sections of the society.
This initiative is one of AMU’s thematic areas identified to serve the needy and empower the important constituents of the society, who in turn would build the capacity of others thus strengthening entire community and creating conducive social environment,’’ he added.

(By Corporate Communication Directorate: Philips Joseph)