‘‘Corruption is insidious for the country that retards developmental process; it’s like a cancer that keeps gnawing at the system till corrective surgery is performed. Therefore, it’s imperative for Ethiopians to stand up and fight out this evil,’’ exhorted Vice President, Dr Agena Anjulo.

Dr Agena was speaking at the 10th ‘Anti-Corruption Day’ function held at new Auditorium in Main Campus. The program was attended by AMU top officials, academic and administrative staff. He adds, Ethiopia being one of the signatories of United Nations and African Union’s Convention to fight corruption, it’s our moral responsibility to adhere to its conventions.’’
Anti-Corruption Directorate Director, Mr Mahe Bodda, apprising people about the importance of the day, made them realize about the side-effects of corruption and its implication in achieving the mission and vision of the university, as it’s expected to contribute in the renaissance of Ethiopia.
He informed them about government, Ministry of Education’s financial assistance and other resources to address this evil. He spoke about fast growing economy, bracing GDP, galvanizing manufacturing and agriculture sectors.
‘’Renaissance movement has brought in magnificent growth in the country; 20 years back our grain production was 83 million quintals that up to 254 million quintals. In education sector, 23 years back Ethiopia had only two universities, which now grown up to 34.
Improved health sector with specialized services has precluded many communicable diseases in the nation. Similarly, Grand Renaissance Ethiopian Dam (GERD) is the living symbol of our commitment towards continuous development. Expanding infrastructure, rail link, establishment of wind & hydro power generation sources and Ethiopia’s involvement in peace keeping across Africa do indicate, we are growing and changing for better, he added.
He also called upon people to close ranks in exterminating this social evil. He further said, poverty, backwardness and corruption are interlinked as this insidious combination throws the nation in chaos.
People were asked to stay away from bribing that ultimately prevent direct investment and has domino’s effect on everything and everyone. People draped in a yellow t-shirt symbolically made their firmer statement to fight out this social evil with tooth and nail.

(By Corporate Communication Directorate: Philips Joseph)