Enthusiasm, patriotic fervor and zest for country’s rapid development mark the 4th anniversary of Ethiopia’s big-ticket dam-under-construction - Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam. University community celebrated the event in a unique style at Main Campus stadium on 8th April, 2015. Click here to see the pictures.

AMU President, Dr Feleke Woldeyes, opening the celebration, said, ‘‘It’s an important occasion for us as 42% construction of GERD gets completed; now we are confident enough that soon we will see it in its entirety. It’s an embodiment of our political and cultural sovereignty that epitomizes our resolve to make Ethiopia a stronger nation.’’
Corporate Communication Directorate Director, Mr Fissiha Bekele, welcomed the guests; apprising the audience with the significance of GERD, he said, ‘‘This hydro-electric giant being the historical gift to the nation clearly testifies the emergence of new Ethiopia, which is getting stronger in all spheres of life. It symbolizes our democratic values and also signifies the social, political and cultural dynamics of the country; we are proud and will remain committed for it.’’
Dr Feleke further said, with GERD nearing its completion, bonds between different nations and nationalities are getting stronger. Misgivings of some neighboring nations later turned into understanding because they have understood our genuine intention. It will hasten the process of transforming Ethiopia into middle-income nation.’’
Citing university’s contribution, he adds, ‘‘Our university was first to respond to the former prime minister Meles Zenawi’s clarion call. Apart from chipping in monetarily, our graduates are using their expertise for its construction. He praised the professionals and all those involved in its building for their commitment.
The event had different attractions; among them was Community School students draped in cultural attire of nine regions presented cultural songs in different dialects regaled the audience. Some of the students’ dance to the cultural tunes left the crowd mesmerized. Dr Feleke with other AMU top officials cut the ceremonial cake and also released hydrogen balloon.
Thereafter, 30-minute soccer match between University Teachers and Administrative Staff Team was the culmination of celebration. At the start Administrative Staff Team displayed brilliant moves and spirited attack. Twice from the left flank their right winger backed up by light-footed forward led the charge but failed to capitalize on.
From the word go, teachers in disarray, in a sudden move from the right flank in-moving forward Addis lunged with the ball and lobbed it into the net, leaving the opponent goal-keeper shocked; score 1-0 energized them.
But soon their complacency was shattered as few minutes before the first half, Admin staff deft winger Kassahun tearing the defense slammed the ball into the net leveling score 1-1, left the match evenly poised.
In the second half, teachers with their accurate ball play had two futile attempts. Admin staff too had a chance but got frittered away. Four minutes before the final whistle, Teachers’ hulking forward Muluken sealed the fate with right-footer scoring winning goal. Teachers’ Captain Elias was the true play-maker while admin staff forward slugged it out but all in vain.
Teachers’ Team captain Elias took the winning cup from Dr Feleke; the runner-up team was also honored by the President.

(By Corporate Communication Directorate: Philips Joseph)