Arba Minch University joined millions as Ethiopia condemns the gruesome killing of 30 Ethiopian Christians in Libya by ISIS and four nationals who fall prey to the xenophobic violence in South Africa in a program held at university’s Main Campus stadium on April 24, 2015. AMU president, Dr Feleke Woldeyes, condemning the incident, as most horrible, led the university community in paying tributes to the slain nationals. He urged the gathering not to get ensnared or provoked by the sinister design of terrorists who want to cause social divide, rift and mistrust between people of different faiths.
He further said, ‘‘We strongly condemned the inhuman slaughter of Ethiopians both in Libya and South Africa. Though, these incidents have infuriated us, yet we have to maintain our cool. At this moment of sorrow and grief, we sympathize with the families of victims and all Ethiopians with our heart-felt condolences.’’
Cautioning people, he said, ‘‘At this crucial moment, we need to exercise restrain to sustain our democratic values and to keep our economic growth intact. These extremists are exploiting susceptible routes to create chaos in the society; therefore, don’t get trapped. Rather cooperate with the government and do whatever is expected of you in order to stop terrorism.’’
The program began with gathering observing silence in honor of slain compatriots. A group of students holding placards with slogans i.e. ‘Terrorism has no religion’, ‘‘Terrorism has to be rooted out,’ ‘Terrorism will not stand against Ethiopia,’ and ‘Terrorism is the weapon not of strong, but of the weak’ etc. rent the air.
Institute of Technology’s Scientific Director, Dr Negash Wagesho, lambasting terrorists in his brief speech termed the tragic incident most unfortunate. He said, militants don’t represent any religion as they are the enemy of humanity. Our unity will thwart their nefarious design.’’
University officials, students and others with lighted candles in their hands went round the stadium shouting slogans against terrorism and reiterated resolve to keep the unity and integrity of the nation unharmed.
Similar condolence meetings were organized on the same day at Abaya, Chamo, Kulfo and Nchsar campuses, which were chaired by vice presidents, Dr Agena Anjulo, Dr Guchie Gulie, Dr Yechale and Rahel Elias respectively.

(By Corporate Communication Directorate: Philips Joseph)