To address the key environmental issues of land degradation and denudation of forest at Mirab Abaya, AMU’s Community Service Directorate has recently signed a yearlong Memorandum of Understanding with Gamo Gofa Zone Agricultural office at university Main Campus.

University President, Dr Feleke Woldeyes, signing the agreement, said, ‘‘this step is a way forward that shows AMU’s commitment to serve the community and concern for environment protection.  Click here to see Pictures.

From Gamo Gofa Zone Agricultural office, Mr Awoke Alemu, signed MoU in the presence of officials from both partners. Initially, the agreement duration will be of one year, which will get renewed to create sustainably positive impact.

As per the pact, Community Service will be delineating and identifying degraded areas in Mirab Abaya along with other stakeholders i.e. woreda, kebele and zonal administrations and area residents. The technical survey will ascertain the quantum of land to be covered, Community Service Directorate’s Director, Dr Alemayehu Taye informed.

The second important task is to upgrade three nursery centres at Mirab Abaya and Bonke woreda by providing them with required equipments, seedlings and professional workers. In the form of physical and biological intervention; check-dams and terracing will be built to inhibit water flow to save the land from getting degraded at Mirab Abaya.

Further, the area will be declared protected by prohibiting animal and human infiltration by appointing security guards; different indigenous seedlings will be planted to preserve and enrich its flora. Surrounding communities will be provided with different seedlings, forage seeds etc. to make them self-reliant.

AMU has purchased nursery equipments worth ETB 100,000 and supplied them to nurseries at Mirab Abaya; immediate target is to recruit skilled workers, Dr Alemayehu, said.

Gamo Gofa Zone Agricultural office will monitor the overall specified watershed activities and provide professional workers and laborers from agro forestry, Dr Alemayehu summed up.

(By Corporate Communication Directorate: Philips Joseph)