This year’s overall topper of Arba Minch University, Tarekegn Tumebo Kariba, is a humble son of a farmer; he is from Kambata Tembaro zone. He has encountered difficulties but didn’t give in on the contrary come out successful.

Being third among five children of his parents, he wanted to be a medical professional to contribute in government’s initiative to stop increasing child-maternal mortality rate in the south region. ‘‘I have chosen Midwifery because from the beginning, I wanted to acquire skills that will enable me to improve the health of child and mothers from my region,’’ he said.

He loved obstetrics as it gives an insight into prenatal cases and builds the capacity of the medical professional to handle them with greater understanding. He scored the highest marks in gynecology and excelled in biostatistics.
On the secret of his success, he said, ‘‘I was punctual in attending classes and following the advices of my teachers. Apart from this, I studied at least four hours a day.’’
His top priority is to get a job in an institution or university and simultaneously go for Master that, he thinks, will refine his understanding of the subject. But going for the Master would need money, which at times is a problem for him; therefore, he is ready to take things as it comes.
Due to financial problems he had to quit school for a year as his father wasn’t able to finance his expenses. He expressed gratitude towards one of his relatives who recognized his potential and provided the required fund.
Completing his school education from Mudula High School from Kambata and Diploma from Arba Minch Health Science College, he joined College of Medicine and Health Science and rest is the history.
Only his eldest brother is pursuing degree in Applied English from Dilla University and rest of them could only complete school education. He attributed the entire credit of his success to the God, his parents and teachers.
Giving piece of advice to future graduates, he said, ‘‘If you are focused, have confidence and with proper plan in place follow it without failing that will take you the desired destination.’’

(By Corporate Communication Directorate: Philips Joseph)