Dr Damtew Darza Sozo, the Assistant Professor in Educational Psychology, has been elevated to the position of Academic Affairs Vice President on 19th October 2015. The present incumbent served as a Special Assistant prior to his elevation to the position.

Dr Damtew has endeared himself to the university community with his unassuming style, got schooled from his native district Chencha, South Nation Nationalities and People’s Region. He has had first degree in Pedagogy from Bahir Dar College of Teachers Education under Addis Ababa University (AAU) in 1989. He obtained MA from AAU in 2000 and PhD from Andhra University, India, in 2011.

Spelling out his priorities, Dr Damtew said, ‘‘Ensuring quality of education in Arba Minch University is of paramount importance. It will be done by administering professional trainings to the teachers that would upgrade their efficiency and research will be given more prominence.’’
He further adds, research thematic areas that primarily were engineering and water-centric, have now been made more inclusive by incorporating bio-diversity and multi-cultural issues and Neglected Tropical Disease etc.
Shortcomings which have been identified during planning for Growth and Transformation Plan-II (GTP-II) will be eradicated by enhancing quality of teaching-learning process, the new Academic Affairs Vice President stressed. He called upon the university community, saying, each one of us should be the best in whatever we are involved into to accomplish our yearly and five-year plan.
Dr Damtew began his career as a teacher in Eretria, where he served for a year (1990); thereafter, as Sawla Secondary School director for four years (1991-94). Regional Education Office later appointed him as the Deputy Dean for Arba Minch College of Teacher’s Education (AMCTE) for three years (1995-97).
With Master degree, he rejoined AMCTE as Head of Pedagogy & Psychology Department for four years including a yearlong assignment as Administrative Deputy Dean (2000-2004).
He joined Arba Minch University as a Psychology instructor in 2004-5 and simultaneously was Coordinator for World Bank-funded infrastructure project. He also worked as a Coordinator for AMU’s College of Distance and Continuing Education for two years - 2005-7.
After a hiatus of three years, with Doctoral degree, he resumed job with AMU as Assistant Professor in Psychology and had the privilege to design curriculum for MA program. From Oct 28, 2013, onwards he worked as a Special Assistant before being elevated to the position.

(By Corporate Communication Directorate: Philips Joseph)