Digital Factors, Dubai-based firm that offer different security ID solutions world-over, roped in by  AMU to provide Smart ID cards to students and staff community has began data encoding and card production. Click here to see the Pictures.

It’s the first ever secured identification system being introduced by Arba Minch University in Ethiopia that will strengthen security environment in the university. University will earmark ETB 15 Million for this maiden project.
Card vending company’s Business Development Executive, Mr Musema Salla, revealed, of 60,000 ID cards, 40,000 will be distributed among students and 20,000 for staff. This campus one-card solution will have different physical access and security features for both segments.
Smart card said to have two security features i.e. physical visible security that will prevent forgery as it can’t get duplicated. Embedded chip will be encoded with students and staff data and related interface capability.
University Registrar will verify students’ data and hand it over for vending; in case any students leave the university or get dismissed, he will revoke their Smart IDs.
Laminated green ID for students will have vertical thin UVI band containing hidden text on extreme left. Photo-frame’s four borders close to UVI band will have micro-text bearing name of university both in Amharic and English. In the middle of right hand artwork, embedded 4KV chip carrying data will interface with student and library management systems; it has some other security fields as well.
Blue-colored staff ID with complex background will have internal smart encoding and some preferred fields. The 4KV chip with security component will enable interface with HRM system.
This contactless card will have to be kept few centimeters above the reader to get access. Cafeterias will be equipped with access points where students at the assigned venue can avail meal. Outdoors with installed ‘Turnstile tripod’ (automated gate) will allow access by punching the reader. Turnstile machine records will help track students’ movement and soon all entry points will have Access Control and Turnstile.
Technical devices like OMNIKEY 5421 Reader for indoor, while weather-proof HIDR10 and IP65 will be used for outdoor interface. OMNIKEY, a PC-linked dual interface will read and write to both a 13.56 MHz contactless and contact cards. It grants access by interfacing with Students and Library Management Systems and with HRM system. 
In future this genuine ID will be acknowledged by external parties like banks and others as University is said to be contemplating to incorporate possible features like cashless transaction i.e. money top-up by tying up with the bank. 
On how Smart ID Card system will function, Mr Musema adds, ICT professionals will be trained and constant remote assistance will be provided from Addis Ababa. As of now, most of the students’ data has been verified and some are in process. The graphic design for employee ID has been started and looks finalized only approval is awaited, he sums up.

(By Corporate Communication Directorate: Philips Joseph)