Arba Minch University’s ‘Water Supply Construction Project’ commissioned on 16th March 2014, to end water scarcity at Abaya, Chamo and Nechsar campuses finally handed over the project with its infrastructure to Water Supply Service Enterprise on 19th December 2015. From commissioning of the project till date, for a year, AMU has been supplying adequate water to students residing at aforesaid campuses. Complying with MoU, AMU has successfully run the project and finally took the call to hand it over to the legitimate authority.
The project was duly transferred to Water Supply Service Enterprise (WSSE) in a ceremony held at former’s office. University President, Dr Feleke Woldeyes and WSSE Manager, Mr Workneh Abreham, inked the pact in the presence of town Mayor and other officials.
Dr Feleke, stated that AMU signed agreement with WSSE as latter wasn’t able to fulfill the demands of university students who constitute 1/5th of Arba Minch town’s total population.
He revealed with this project, town’s water supply capacity has increased to 94 from 60 lit/second; thereby university is entitled to get adequate water and in that regard, if any problem arises, Water Supply Service Enterprise is bound by the pact to resolve them.
The project infrastructure that includes a reservoir with 1-million liter capacity at Abaya table land; a pump-house, two generator houses at the source and Abaya campus; 1264-meter long pipeline network at 16-meter high elevation for Chamo campus and 2314-meter pipeline for Nechsar Campus linked to two reservoirs will now be taken care by WSSE.
Acknowledging the project impact, WSSE Manager said, with enhanced 94 liter/second capacity, pumps can every day supply around 8.1 million liters of water to the town. And AMU campuses get and will continue to receive 2.9 million liters of potable water per day.
MoU in this regard was signed between the two parties on June 2011. And the total project cost then was pegged at ETB 14.5 million, which further scaled up to 16 Million. Hawassa Water Works Construction Enterprise executed the project.  

(By Corporate Communication Directorate: Philips Joseph)