English Language Improvement Centre in association with Institutional Quality Enhancement Directorate has held a two-day class-room English training for 47 university teachers of different departments. ELIC Coordinator, Mr Abate Anjulo, said, the training was aimed at helping teachers from non-English departments to get acquainted with the practical technicalities of English as an instructional language. It will improve usage of language by teachers in the class room thus encouraging students to use the language which is the medium of instruction.
Of 47 university teachers, two were female members. Training’s core components include grammatical aspects, how to form class-room questions, apt expression and instruction with correct language usage.
Ms Hannah Murphy, English Language Fellow in AMU from US, said, she provides assistance to improve English language. And this training will improve teachers’ skills and make them aware as how to use the language in a class-room.
It will train them for the appropriate usage of English language in planned and unplanned circumstances. This continuous development of English language might be for the instructors which ultimately benefit students because they need to understand it, says Hannah.
Chosen teachers were from different departments because the medium of instruction is English. Trained teachers stand to benefit students that will lead the improvement of quality of education, Mr Abate Anjulo added.                            

(By Corporate Communication Directorate: Philips Joseph)