Arba Minch University’s University-Industry Linkage and Technology Transfer Directorate (UIL-TTD) is on the cusp of a major breakthrough as it has signed a preliminary pact with Regional Trade and Industry Bureau of South Nations Nationalities and People’s Region and it’s likely to usher in more collaboration with important industries in the month of November 2017.

Exemplifying further UIL-TTD Director, Dr Tolera Seda Bedassa, said, a technical committee in this regard will be constituted with representatives from AMU and industries on board will investigate problems’ industries have and in a monthly meeting it will be evaluated.

The objective of this committee is to pinpoint practical problems of industries wherein AMU will evaluate core issues and professionals will write proposals to analyze and address issues; update technology and find scientific ways to deal with vexed issues.

The task of such a great magnitude needs adequate monetary allocation and infrastructure; therefore efforts are on to formulate proposals and budget allocation process is underway. For this fiscal UIL-TTD has asked for ETB 6 Million, but present budget is miniscule, he quipped.

The quantum of problems associated with industries is umpteenth, so we will personally take to field to convince people. At the outset, leather, metal processing, food and chemical industries will be looked into and more will follow in the years to come, Dr Tolera explained.

Few industries based in Addis Ababa like Iron and Steel Factory, Ethiopian Leather Industry Development Institute and Ethiopian Water Technology Institute will ink a memorandum of understanding with AMU; while South Cultural and Tourism Bureau, Hawassa-based BGI Breweries and Kuraz Sugar Corporation will follow the suit.

Subsequently, in the next two weeks, UIL-TTD will also sign MoUs with Technical, Vocational and Educational Training Colleges from Arba Minch, Jinka, Konso, Sawla, Chencha, Mirab Abaya and Selam Ber. Here AMU’s theory will get translated into reality using TVETs manpower and knowhow by providing designs for preparation of prototypes.

In November 2017, Industry-University Forum, a workshop in collaboration with Kuraz Suger Corporation will be hosted where modalities of forming alliance will be thrashed out; eight cluster universities and others will partake in it.

Dr Tolera further adds that three technologies to be transferred to the society i.e. prototypes of Electrical Injera-baking machine; milk-agitator and Sliding Classroom Board will be done in near future.


This year’s Annual Plan has two prominent agenda of establishing Business Incubation Centre, for which agreement has already been made under which training for 15 students will begin for over two years in advanced programming. Technology Park will bank all invented technologies that will serve a purpose to train professionals and propagate its significance for social uplifting.


(Corporate Communication Directorate)