In its 33rd Convocation held at Abaya Campus Stadium on 26th January, 2021, Arba Minch University has rolled out 4,858 graduates of which 3,141 are male and 1,717 female. Of total, 4,465 are regular under-graduates that include 332 from Distance & Continuing Education, Law 39; Master 60, PhD 1 and PGDT 3. Click here for the photos

This graduation was supposed to be held in July, 2020, got pushed further due to Covid-19 that has globally impacted entire spectrum of life in which education sector was badly hit. Therefore, during pandemic, on 5th September, 2020, AMU has also graduated 2,326 students of which 1,233 were Master and 1,093 Undergraduates from Regular, Distance & Continuing modes of education.

In this year’s merit list of 18 meritorious graduates, girls came shoulder-to-shoulder to their male counterparts as half of them made it to the top; among them, 3 graduates are from Sawla Campus that include Petros Kassahun, 3.89 while Besha Alemu and Belayineh Basha secured 3.95 CGPA each.

Among all Agricultural Economics’ Graduate, Temie Alehegn, clocked perfect ten by scoring 4 CGPA, was adjudged the most outstanding; he lifted Winner’s Cup and a gold medal for his accomplishment. Alemwork Gediyhun from Rural Development and Agricultural Extension, 3.94, of College of Agricultural Sciences, stood first among female graduates was also felicitated.

Addressing the gathering, Minister for Science and Higher Education, Dr Samuel Urkato, said, higher education institutions play pivotal role in building the nation for they produce competent graduates whose expertise spur overall socio-economic development. Lauding AMU, he said, it’s leading from the front by rendering churning out competent graduates. And getting recognized as one of 8 Research Universities in Ethiopia, is in itself, validation of its credibility, yet it has task at hands to ensure quality and relevance in higher education that will reinforce teaching-learning, enhance research and optimize technology transfer.

He adds that you all know presently, we are passing through pretty critical moments due to Covid-19 that has adversely affected health, economic, social and political sectors of which higher education is one that has inflicted untold psychological problems on students. Thus, in 2020, graduation of over 269,552 university students got delayed.

AMU President, Dr Damtew Darza, greeting graduates, said, despite pressing distress due to Covid-19, we are celebrating 33rd Graduation that speaks volumes about our grit and determination to achieve what’s expected of us from the society and government at large. This time, AMU has achieved a significant milestone by getting recognized as Research University that has broadened our mandate and responsibility as well. Similarly, graduation of our first ever PhD graduate gives us immense delight and we have tasks ahead to be accomplished with sheer professional aptitudes totally soaked in pure research.

I acknowledge your achievement and hope present crucial time in which we are, must have taught you a lot and you will carry yourself with great caution and professional diligence to make a mark in your respective arena. Hereafter, AMU will enhance PhD and Master Programs with research as overarching sustenance because we want to inculcate scientific temperament in our graduates to be a catalyst in the nation to strengthen every sector and benefit society in every possible way, he added.

This year’s nine gold medal winning outstanding gradates are Temie Alehegn, 4, Agricultural Economics, Zelalem Tamyalew, 3.87, Water Supply & Environment Engineering, Haile Eyasu, 3.92, Mechanical Engineering, Ermiyas Taye, 3.95, Biotechnology, Ahmed Hasen, 3.92, Management, Anley Bante, 3.92, Geography & Environmental Studies, Dawit Roba, 3.7, Law, Abebe Gedefaw, 3.95, Public Health, and Geleta Bariso, 3.86, Adult Education & Community Development.

And 8 top female scorers are Neima Endris, 3.87, Water Supply & Environment Engineering, Fikirte Bekele, 3.84, Mechanical Engineering, Mekides Esuendale, 3.85, Forensic Chemistry & Toxicology, Hawi Benti, 3.93, Laboratory Sciences, Eskedar Solomon, 3.88, Tourism Management, Haymanot Endalamaw, 3.81, Ethiopian Language & Literature-Amharic, Sawla, Seada Mohammed, 3.84, Adult Education & Community Development and Yemisirach Girma, 3.5, Law.

This year, Arba Minch Water Technology Institute has 674 graduates, Institute of Technology, 884, Natural Sciences, 677, Medicine & Health Sciences, 413, Agricultural Sciences, 369, Business & Economics, 843, Social Science & Humanities, 489, School of Pedagogy and Behavioral Sciences, 133, Law 39, and Sawla Campus 285 respectively.

The five years data states that, in 2015, AMU has had 5,228 graduates to its credit that went up to 5,726 in 2016 followed by 5,513, 5,965, 6,857 and 2,327 graduates successively in 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2020; while 2021st tally of graduates stand at 4,858.

The available cumulative statistics further states that right from 1986 till 2019, AMU could produce 56,959 graduates of which 45,161 are male and 11,798 female. In 2021, AMU has added another feather to its cap as it rolls out first of its PhD graduate in Irrigation and Drainage Engineering. And till date, university has produced 3,139 Master, 51,923 Under-Graduates 1,251 Advance Diploma and 645 Diplomas. With 2021st figure of 4,858 its total tally goes up to 61,817 that include 48,302 males & 13,515 females.

At the outset, Registrar, Dr Belete Yilma, read out this year’s record, followed by Academic Affairs Vice President, Dr Alemayehu Chufamo, presenting figures of respective institutes and colleges. Dr Damtew Darza, Dr Samuel Urkato, Dr Alemayehu Chufamo, and Dr Abdella Kemal, feted outstanding graduates and also given away degrees.

On the occasion, Gamo Zone & Arba Minch Town Cultural Bands belting out classical numbers electrified the atmosphere and Community School students hogged the limelight for rendering congratulatory number. Gamo Elders were also in attendance.

The office of Communication Affairs Directorate in particular and others rendered valuable services for the successful completion of the ceremony; Mr Bogale Bitane anchored the program.

(Communication Affairs Directorate)