Department of Tourism Management

The Department of Tourism Management was launched in 2010/11 with the prime objective of curbing the problem of human resources constraints in tourism and hospitality in Ethiopia. The department is offering Tourism Management regular program recently and has an impelled plan to expand the training programs in other hospitality related trainings based on the demand arise from the sector. Besides, short term trainings, consultancy services and demand driven research are the focal area where the department is pinned to undertake.


Department of Tourism Management aims to be center of excellence in the field of Tourism and Hospitality Management in Ethiopia by the year 2020.


Department of Tourism Management strives to create self-motivated academic environment which foster the culture of excellence upholding the highest level of professionalism, Research and Community service.



The program aims to produce qualified manpower that can effectively contribute for the development of the tourism industry in Ethiopia by making use of the vast potential of the country in the sector.

Specifically, the department targets to:

Produce competent and well qualified graduates to meet the growing demand of trained personnel in the sector;

Produce graduates who can conduct research in the field and provide advisory services to improve the tourism sector in particular and the service industry in general;

Provide appropriate training that helps the graduates to acquire the skills required to serve within the context of international standards of service industry.


Strategic themes

Department of Tourism Management has the following strategic themes

Excellence in Learning -teaching

Excellence in Research and Development

Community Engagement and Partnership and

Good Governance

Graduate profile

Graduates of Bachelor of Arts Degree in Tourism Management will get detailed knowledge and skills in the area of Tourism Management. Generally, the Tourism Management degree program provides students with the opportunity to pursue careers in Hospitality & Tourism industry and upon completion of the program, graduates will be able to:


Plan, develop, manage and market tourism sector services and products.

Provide operational as well as managerial services in areas such as tourism marketing, destination development & management, travel facilitation, tour guiding & operation, working in national, regional & local tourism authorities.

Work in trade and industry sector as a tourism investment expert and perform public relation tasks in different organizations.

Undertake Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) entrepreneurship activities by their own in the tourism sector.

Effectively deal with financial aspects and (personnel) administration of institutions and facilities in the sector.

Contribute to the development of appropriate national policies and regulations in the sector and implement policies,

Undertake relevant operational and marketing research and implement the results of  these studies for the advancement of the sector,

Train and teach others in tourism studies,

Provide consultation services in the tourism sector,

Act within a legal and ethical framework in the sector and can participate in many other economic sectors, as tourism is multidimensional in its nature,

Work in travel and tourism industries like travel agencies, tour operators, event management organizations, airlines, cruise lines, cargo operators, shipping lines and other sectors of the tourism and hospitality industry.

Professional profile

Manage tourism industry (Attractions, Accomodatio, Transportation)

Consult in tourism industry (both in the public and private sectors)

Manage, market and promote tourism destination

Operate a tour operation and travel agency

Develop and formulate plans and policies.

Impart tourism knowledge to the business community.

Conduct research related to the tourism and hospitality sector.

Develop and manage potential tourism resources found in the country.

Own and manage small and medium size tourism and hospitality related ventures.

Cater to the needs of tourists, express the image of the destination and promote various tourism resources of the country.

Organize and manage different kinds of mini and mega events such as meetings, conferences, exhibitions, workshops, festivals, sport events etc.

Manage customer services.


Program Profile

Degree Nomenclature

The Degree is named as:


In English: - “Bachelor of Arts Degree in Tourism Management”


In Amharic: - “የአርት ባችለር ዲግሪ  በቱሪዝም  ማኔጅመንት”

Admission Requirements

Applicants seeking admission to the program must meet the following admission requirements:

Successful completion of preparatory schools in business or social science stream or comparable level of school education.

Passing mark in Ethiopian Universities’ entrance examination or any other comparable examination.

Diploma in related fields and minimum of two year experience, preferably in tourism-related areas.

In addition applicants are also subject to regulations of Ministry of Education and legislation of the university.

NB: Sponsorship or personal financial status declaration is needed in case of government sponsored Ethiopian students and foreign students.

Duration of Study

The duration for regular tourism management study is three years.

Method of teaching

Besides classroom-based instruction (lecture method), emphasis will be given on active learning, practical education and problem-solving teaching approaches. These include interactive lectures, small group discussions, individual presentations, case study methods, group assignments, field visits, video shows, advising, individual and group projects and researches, practical labs, seminars etc.


Graduation requirements

A student who completes the three years of study successfully taking all the required courses and 180 EtCTS with a minimum CGPA of 2.00 and no F, I or NG will be awarded BA degree in Tourism Management. In other cases, the graduation requirement is subject to university legislation.

Academic staff profile of the department

No. Name Qualification Sex Academic Rank

1 Henok Bekele MA in Tourism and Heritage Management M Lecturer

2 Wagnew Eshetie MA in Tourism and Heritage Management M Lecturer

3 Derara Ketema MA in Tourism and Heritage Management M Lecturer

4 Esayas Alemu MA in Tourism and Heritage Management M Lecturer

5 Dagnachew Leta MA in Tourism and Heritage Management M Lecturer

6 Asegid Ayele MA in Tourism Development M Lecturer

7 Tefera Solomon MA in Tourist Traffic Organization and Service M Lecturer

8 Gashaw Getahun BA in Tourism Management M GA-II

9 Fenet Mideksa BA in Tourism Management M GA-II

10 Sosina Fekadu BA in Tourism Management F GA-II

11 Endalamaw Kindie BA in Tourism Management M GA-II

12 Azeb Tamirat BA in Tourism Management F GA-II

13 Abrha G/Meskel BA in Tourism Management M GA-II

14 Nasir Salih BA in Tourism Development M GA-II

15 Yakob T/Medihin BA in Tourism Management M GA-II

16 Niguse Truneh BA in Tourism Development M GA-II

17 Berihu Fistum BA in Tourism Management M GA-II

18 Melatwork Yaregal BA in Tourism Development F GA-I


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