The Department of Public Health was established along with other departments in 2007-8. Initially, it started classes with 76 students assigned by the Ministry of Education. Apart from regular, since 2010, the department also runs programs in summer and day-time extension to cater to the emerging needs of the community.

The department had launched Master in Public Health with Addis Continental Institute of Public Health admitting 37 students for the first time. Presently, it independently runs General Public Health, Epidemiology and Biostatistics & Reproductive programs in regular and extension mode.


The department aspires to become a leading center in East Africa in training, research and community services by 2020.


It aims to produce professionals, who can render preventive, curative and rehabilitative services and undertake applied research at different levels to strengthen of Ethiopian Health System.

Academic Programs

Master (MSc):


Ø Master of Public Health - General (regular/extension & weekend)

Ø Master of Public Health - Epidemiology and Biostatistics (regular)

Ø Master of Public Health - Reproductive Health (regular)

Undergraduate (BSc):


Ø Public Health (regular, extension, summer)

Ø Environmental Health Science (regular)

Ø Health Informatics (regular )


On-going Research projects:


1. Health seeking behaviour for common childhood illness among mothers in Dirashe district

2. Respectful and non-abusive free maternity care during childbirth in Arba Minch Town Health facilities

3. Utilization of cervical cancer screening service & associated factors among HIV affected women in selected HI,GGZ

4. Perinatal depression & associated factors among mothers in Arba Minch Zuria Woreda, Gamo Gofa Zone

5. Effects of option ‘B’ on HIV free survival among children born from HIV infected mother in public health facilities of Gamo Gofa Zone

6. Predictors of loss to follow-up among women enrolled on ART under option B+ in Gamo Gofa Zone

7. A prevalence and associated factors of unintended pregnancy among pregnant women in Chencha woreda

8. Prevalence of work place violence and associated factors among nurses working in hospitals of Gamo Gofa Zone

Projects on Human nutrition and chronic non-communicable disease

1. Assessment of household food insecurity and associated factors in Mirab Abaya woreda

2. Adherence to diabetic self-care management and associated factors among patients in hospitals of Gamo Gofa Zone

3. Assessment of water, sanitation and hygiene practices and associated factors among HIV/AIDS infected individuals in Gamo Gofa Zone

4. Incidence and predictors of attrition from ART in Arba Minch and Sawla hospitals

5. Magnitude of TB among close contacts of previously treated and newly diagnosed TB cases at high TB burden districts in Gamo Gofa Zone

6. Undernourished & its associated factors among school children in Arba Minch Zuria woreda

7. Nutritional status and associated factors among lactating mothers in Arba Minch Zuria woreda


Projects on environmental health and infectious disease


1. Food Safety Practice and associated factors among food handlers working in Food establishments of Arba Minch Town

2. Household water handling practices and associated factors among Chencha woreda people

3. Clean & safe health services delivery among public health facilities of Gamo Gofa Zone

4. Medical waste composition and management practices: What do the health care workers in healthcare facilities of Gamo Gofa Zone know of practices?

5. Availability of adequately Iodized salt at household level and associated factors in Arba Minch

6. Home management of fever in below five years of age kids in Arba Minch Zuria woreda


Community Service projects

Department conducts various trainings to build the capacity of health professionals in the zone and also runs extension programs



Staff Profile

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Head of Department, Mr Firdawek Getahun

Phone: +251-4618 17 742, +251-912161707/+251-927233345

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