AMU’s research shall be based on the prioritized thematic research areas. The thematic areas shall be identified based on national, regional and local developmental needs. The identification and revision of the themes shall be done in consultation with the concerned stakeholders.

S/No Themes
1 Design, Development and Manufacturing of Electromechanical Engineering Systems
2 Information Technology and Computing
3 Sustainable Development in Built Environment
1 Environment and Biodiversity Studies
2 Biotechnology production and application
3 Material Science
1 Livestock production and productivity improvement

Field and horticultural crop production and productivity improvement

3 Postharvest biology and technology of agricultural products
4 Natural resource conservation and Management
5 Agricultural economics, agribusiness and value chain and extension
1 Maternal and child health
2 Human Nutrition and chronic noncommunicable diseases
3 Healthcare delivery and alternative medicine
4 Environmental and occupational health and infectious diseases
1 Neglected Tropical Diseases
1 Poverty, agriculture and rural development
2 Finance, Investment and good governance
3 Tourism and Hospitality
4 Human resource management, leadership and marketing
5 Entrepreneurship and enterprises developent
1 Language, Communication and Litrature
2 Access to quality education
3 Governance, development and investment
4 population, migration and human trafficking
5 Conflict resolution
1 Water Resource potential assessment and management
2 Sustainable Watershed Management
3 Irrigation and Drainage
4 Water Supply and Sanitation
5 Climate change, adaptation and environmental integrity
1 Plant diversity
2 Animal diversity
3 Microbial diversity
1 Highland Fruit Production
2 Highland vegetables
3 Highland Root and Tuber Crops
1 Solar energy
2 Wind energy
3 Bio-energy
4 Small Hydro power
1 Culture and heritage management
2 Traditional religion and ethno-medicine
3 Family, Kinship and marriage
4 Indigenous governance and Peace Building
1 Family status and ingeritance
2 Case analysis and jurisprudential development
3 Access to Justice
4 Human rights protection