The Institutional Transformation office AMU has chalked out plans and revealing this is Mr. Debalke Dalcho, its director. Key activities of this office are in supporting of teachings, learning community service, research and others to strengthen as well to bring change in the institution in AMU.While doing it, it has four primary goals and are a. Creating an institution that leads change b. Realizing continuation of this institution created c. Evaluating standards of key instruments, as this is the major activity of institutional transformation and d. Entering this changed institution and resource in to the arena of development.

Philips Joseph
The communication system within Arba Minch University is on the threshold of getting fully metamorphosed as Information Communication Technology (ICT) Directorate gets ready to phase in much-hyped Unified Communication Project in a month’s time. Unified Communication Project when rolled out stands to enrich university community with multiple IT privileges i.e. Voice-over IP Telephone, Video-Conferencing, Digital Signage & IP TV & Tele-Health Education facilities.

Arba Minch 9-9-2013
A seminar on chemistry on Organic compounds Structural Elucidation by joint spectroscopy methods took place in Arba Minch University main campus. Mr. Addis Salem Abebe of Organic Chemistry has dealt with subject as how to we find correct organic compounds structural elucidation and gave succinct explanation to it.

Chemistry Department from College of Natural Science situated at Abaya Campus will be hosting a seminar on ‘Organic Compounds Structural Elucidation by Joint Spectroscopy methods,’ at the School of Post-Graduate Studies, University’s Main Campus on September 7.

Arba Minch University bade 450 school students adieu as they successfully completed six-week long ‘Summer STEM Outreach Program’ in a function held at University’s Lecture Theatre, Main Campus on September 3.

After the completion of their training all the students were given inscribed T-shirt as a souvenir for participation. Later in the evening, a ceremonious farewell function organized at Lecture Theatre was inaugurated by Dr Dawit Melese. Click here to see the images of the goodbye ceremony.