CorCom Directorate staff visits four universities; share experiences

In order to widen university’s communication, partnership and collaborative network, Arba Minch University’s Corporate Communication Directorate has recently been on an experience-sharing mission to four Ethiopian universities i.e. Hawassa, Addis Ababa, Adama and Dilla.

The first destination point, Hawassa University, meeting with its Corporate Communication & Marketing Directorate Director, Mr Melisew Dejene was cordial. Arab Minch University’s Corporate Communication Directorate’s Director, Mr Fissiha Bekele heading the delegation set the tone for the bilateral talks.
Both counterparts shared the structure and strategic issues pertaining to their respective directorates. Mr Melisew emphasized on the specialized job being carried out by the chosen individuals. He said, developing links within the nation and international relations is the mandate of respective Deans and Presidents. His department facilitates things and function as the mouth piece of the university.
Dilla University, a fledgling university is trying to catch up with some of the renowned institutions. Its Corporate Communication & International Relation’s Directorate Director, Mr Tamirat Beyene said, ‘‘We are yet to develop links with other universities; globally we are connected to few institutions and those links have been developed by our President.’’
Adama Science and Technology University (ASTU), has a well-structured International Relations, Partnerships & Communication Directorate with 14 staff members headed by director and supported by PR Team Leader. The department is answerable to the President.
The magnificent Addis Ababa University, the fulcrum of educational development in Ethiopia, at Sidist Kilo, with its Gothic façade takes you down the memory lane.
AAU Corporate Communication PR Team Leader, said, ‘‘AAU President is very supportive of our department; whatever is needed is readily made available.’’ He stressed on reading for self-development and purpose-driven travel to broaden perspective by sharing experience within the nation and abroad.
Visit to these universities has proved to be an eye-opener. We found all these universities’ Communication, Partnership, International Relations & marketing Directorates have full-fledged departmental and administrative structures with adequate infrastructure. It has got required manpower and enjoys the status of being an eye and ears of the organization.
All departments, directorates, vice presidents and president’s offices root all communication (national and International) through them. Any Memorandum of Understanding, partnership or understanding can’t be formed without the knowledge of this directorate. It plays key role in preparing, refining and scrutinizing communication documents.
Communication departments function under the overarching supervision and patronage of Presidents, who seeks its intervention wherever communication is involved and all logistical and necessary needs are fulfilled on the priority basis.
Building the image of university is not the sole mandate of Communication directorates, but of each and every directorate. Likewise the responsibility of building relations within and outside the nation also rests with the Deans, Directors, Vice Presidents and President, it’s found.
Having said this, AMU Corporate Communication Directorate urges all AMU directorates to root their communication through us. Keep us in the know of the happenings, so that things can be facilitated and information disseminated to our audience.
This will help us to perform the function we are mandated for and to establish a well-oiled communication channel within the university and serve you better.

(By Corporate Communication Directorate: Philips Joseph)